How Do You Know You’re a FUCUP: 6+1 Sure Signs

FUCUP stands for FOY United Cuties Urging Pantslessness. FUCUP is not to be confused with f.ckup. If you’re not the former, you’re likely the latter. Get it? No H8. So how do you tell you’re a FUCUP?

Sign 1

First and foremost, in your world the abbreviation AOL does not stand for America Online.

But for ^ THIS ^ MAN. {Hover with your mouse over each gif and pic!}

Sign 2

Second, your brain is a scary place.


^ A sample wordcloud of a typical FUCUP’s brain. ^ {Hover over!}

Sign 3

Your flights of creativity take on terrifying terrific turns.

{Courtesy of the H50 FUCUP Blogazine. “A FUCUP Blessing” by Andr3a; “Dat @ss” by LaHagela.}

^ And prettteee Maha said, let there be FUCUPs: and lo, here they are. ^

Sign 4

You find yourself volunteering for all kinds of perverse pioneering projects.

a) Such as removing THE MAN’s pants. Or checking if that’s a bunch of keys in his pants pocket or if he’s just sooo excited to see you. And double checking. Triple checking. *still checking*

^ Hello, FOY. ^

Sidebar: Repeated sightings confirm that the FOY could use its own zip code. I suggest 666. Cause the owner is a handsome DEVIL. I volunteer to survey and map said region. For the benefit of the womankind. I’m good at McGeography, y’know.

b) Or such as volunteering to sing “Soft Kitty” to THE MAN when he takes a BTTF. And hugging him. Lovingly. With your thighs. For a speedy recovery. Of both of you.

^ Purrr, purrr, purrr. ^

Sign 5

You find yourself joining all kinds of ridiculous respectable fraternities.

a) #TeamDressPants

^ You’re welcome. ^

b) #TeamNoPants

^ Barn Pants Burning. ^

Sign 6

You find yourself supporting all kinds of convoluted commendable causes.

^ Pantslessness? ^ LIKE. ^

+ 1 Sign

And finally: when a fellow FUCUP calls you a perv, you’re proud. Cause perv is a term of endearment. And so is a FUCUP.

Sidebar: Perv is not to be confused with perp. Perv is good, perp is bad. We duly dislike perps of COTW on H50. That is, when we notice the COTW.

Feel free to put ^ these stickers ^ wherever you like, cause no one’s going to suspect WTF it means anyway.


{This is my first post. Ever. Yay! As such it’s rather messy. I’ll be editing this. Maybe.}


9 thoughts on “How Do You Know You’re a FUCUP: 6+1 Sure Signs

  1. #CommentsFunctionalityCheck. + Just reread what I wrote and am horrified. It qualifies as soft p*rn fiction. Which is bad. The first cause I was once told “GoHardOrGoHome”; the second in that it’s fiction, not fact. *off to deeeeep metafictional & metaphysical musings*


    1. Oh, hi, Andr3a, how the h3ll did you find this infant project? Never mind. TY for visiting! Now it’s just me fooling around, but I’m on for a proper story on the FUCUP history & people (Yes. I AM seeerious about researching a virtual community.), so you & other honorary members are to get more shout outs 🙂 *respectful nod*/*hugsies* {Choose as appropriate.}


        1. Oh, I see now, didn’t realise you had to approve links! I’m not realising a lot of things about WordPress yet, but I’m slowly getting it. CU later and enjoy 🙂


          1. Ugh, thx for the clarica, really, this WP thing is a temperamental koala. I don’t understand half of the settings. #SillyStupidMe. Anyway, enjoy your weekend and hope to CU later!!


  2. I see the AOL/H50 blogging bug bit again! Get out now while you still can, marnov! Or else be prepared for your life as you know it to end. 😄


    1. Oh, TY for your friendly warning, alas, it’s coming too late 😦 I’ve already started measuring time B.A. and A.A. (Before / After Alex) and I’m apparently beyond redemption. #NotThatICare


The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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