Status Update: This Is My Letter to the FUCUPs

This is my letter to the FUCUPs

Who never wrote to me—

What I have researched

Of their Community and History.

My message is stored

In the header links you can see;

For love of FUCUP, click and read,

and judge not seeeriously of me!

{Apologies to Emily Dickinson’s original.}

{Hover with your mouse over each pic and gif!}


{I had no clue I was such a rhymer. I never did it B.A. [Before Alex]. I’m intent on dropping the habit. Wish me luck!}


6 thoughts on “Status Update: This Is My Letter to the FUCUPs

    1. Of course, neither the world nor the FUCUPs would write me when they don’t know that I am, but this choice of poem was not seeerious! Just happened to recall the verses when I couldn’t sleep and I felt like perverting it. Poor Emily Dickinson.

      As to the #SillyStupidSickMe, I’m deliberately neither on FB nor Twitter and been online commenting only since about a month, the ambitious newbie that I am 🙂 Once I put some more content on this site, I think I’ll PM (= spam) you all. Poor FUCUPs.


  1. MARNOV! I had no idea this was here! ❤ my MARNOV…and, it is pretty much a FUCUP trait that we don't take thing see eeeeeriously. If one of us does, we are allowed to lose our sh.t occasionally, are allowed to vent, but then we move on the next moment. It's all love.


    1. KIMMER! I’m here. Since 28/03/13. A long tradition indeed. I didn’t move a finger to publicise and see, a week later, you’re here too! Workings of the FUCUP hive mind are amazing. *air hearts* *more air hearts*


The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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