Status Update: On Koalas, Unicorns and Blog Post Thefts


This is a continuation of what did not start as a crossover post at the H50 Champ Box. But I made it into one. Cause I have the means. (Not the immunity: I’m recovering from a nasty cold, FYI.) My RL is being a koala and I’m being kidnappered to C— [< insert generic city name] for a weekend rehab. No internet, no pretty, just koalas. ˅ For Westy. ˅

If ^ THESE ^ don’t scare the sh!t out of you, you were born without the fear gene.

{Click image to enlarge. Apologies to koalas. Poor dear little bears. Freaky b@stards.}


This is where the unicorn comes in. ˅ For Andrea. ˅ the unicorn’s @ss, I’m taking the unicorn rider!! (Sorry, I tend to be unladylike when experiencing frustrated feeels.)

{Click image to enlarge. Photo courtesy of H50 BAMF.}


This is where > Alicia’s > one and only “On Koalas, Unicorns and Grumpy Cats” [< click link] comes in. TY for inspiration!!


{Blog post thieving is such a harsh phrase. I prefer reusing. Utilising. Making it new. CU next week!!}


4 thoughts on “Status Update: On Koalas, Unicorns and Blog Post Thefts

  1. Andr3a, TY for NOT hating me for hating the unicorn. That awkward moment when unicorns are evil beasts like koalas. I fear this post won’t make me favourite with animal rights people. For the record: I ❤ ANIMALS. Am I safe now?


The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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