3 +1 Popular Non-FUCUP Rumours Proven Wrong


The H50 Show is not real.

Blah!! Of course it is real. Scroll ˅˅˅ down ˅˅˅ and touch the screen. (Don’t cheat, touch it!!) Does your screen give you tingling and quivering in all the right places your finger? Mine does. A definite proof that the H50hs are tangible. :::APPROVED: Show is real.:::

Touch anywhere to start tingling.

{Hover with your mouse over each pic and gif! Click image to enlarge.}


AOL is an addictive agent.

THIS… *checks AOLIntenseStudy for updates* …IS… *checks H50BAMF* … LUDICROUS. *checks H50ChampBox* CAN YOU SEE… *checks H50JunkDrawer* …ANY ADDICTED BEHAVIOUR… *checks H50Sardonic* …HERE? :::APPROVED: AOL is a safe substance.:::

Your doctor or your pharmacist canNOT help you stop AOLing. Especially when ^ HE ^ is your doctor.

{Hover over! Click to enlarge.}


Internet friendships are fake.

Whaaat?? I ❤ my fellow FUCUPs nearly as much as I ❤ the FOY. And I ❤ the FOY so much that I’d exchange my first born baby for a ride on sight of it. Sh.t, I just recalled I’m kidless. :::APPROVED: Virtual communities are good for your kids.:::

^ Ohana. ^ Not to be confused with family. Family are the strangers who share your place and act as if you were related. WTF??


You are insane and should be interned.

Haha!! *completely insane laughter* Lock me in and throw away the key. If you shove me in a solitary with ˅˅˅ THIS ˅˅˅ criminally beautiful man, I won’t even think of the Jersey Slip. :::APPROVED: If someone’s insane, it’s the sane person.::: (Get it? Cause I don’t. I’m busied packing for serving life.)

Dear McG, this workout doesn’t make much sense unless you have a training partner. #justsayin

{Yeah, after all these sanitised promo pics, I had a craving for something scruffy & sweaty & dirty to take away.}


{Surprise!! I said Goodbye, C—olumbus [see previous post] sooner than I thought I would and I’m back. Sadly, I’m not pretty. Q: Maha, why R U so prettteee? Q: Alex, why R U so beautiful? A: FLRs! Both.}


5 thoughts on “3 +1 Popular Non-FUCUP Rumours Proven Wrong

    1. I do gifs myself: the first one took me several hours to make and several more to make it work on WP 🙂 True story. Nothing like you, the gif(t)-master!


      1. There are trade secrets to be shared, but I think you got the hang of it already. Your´s look very nice! I think wp prefers them max 500 px wide. Just ask me if you need help. You have my email now 😉


      2. to add to my previous, I see you have the push-up at 600 px and it is still working, so will have to take back my 500 px comment. I think it is our wp theme with 2 sidebars that causes our restriction.


        1. Thank you very much! I hear you like things big – I mean gifs 🙂 – so I’m sure to try out how much WP can bear in my single-sidebar theme. Anyway, thx again for inspiring me – all of us, I guess – by your graphic skills virtuosity. Seriously.


The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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