Myth Making: A FUCUP in Search of Lost Panties

***Yes, what follows is as bada$$ as the title suggests. Think twice before proceeding.***

Once upon a time, there lived a little FUCUP. She was a nice girl, not atall naughty. *cough* One day, she was kidnappered by an unnamed queen’s collective hive mind. (Hello Queen Maha! Oops.) This was the end of her life as she knew it. RIP.

Anno Domini, After Alex, seven days till H50 3.20 that’s going to kill us all. Said FUCUP has now had long-term panties issues. The b@stards keep on playing hide-and-seek. Except they packed their suitcases and applied for visas. WTF? Even former Eastern Bloc ladies need panties!

Said FUCUP secured the perimeter around her drawers. The premises were empty but for a single pair of grandma’s panties. The suspect was booked and WAS TORTURED. In under 43 minutes, the ugly GM panties spilled the whereabouts of the pretty panties.

˅ HERE ˅ they are! Tis the Temple of the FOY!!

The FOY attracts panties. ^ THIS ^ is the proof.

{Hover over pic for extra caption. Click to enlarge.}



{This story is completely fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons or panties is purely coincidental. Really.}


{I can’t believe I’m doing creative writing. Especially creative writing on underwear. CU next time with a story on garters.}


2 thoughts on “Myth Making: A FUCUP in Search of Lost Panties

    1. Paula, thx a lot for liking this, you made me happy 🙂 About the visuals, I accept that my pics will never be as impressive as yours, who is a genius, as I said before. *insert friendly flattery alert*


The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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