FUCUP Facts: An Alphabetical List of Approved Animals (and a Koala) [Part 2]

All animals are equally cute but some are more equally cute than others. (Hello Orwell!)

Horses: See below for Unicorns.

Kittens: Soft, warm little b@lls of fur. Not to be confused with Puppies. See further below.

Alex’s dog stares at Marnov’s cat. How about that?

{Hover over for extra caps. Click to enlarge.}

Unrelated Sidebar: Mind you, ^ THAT ^ honestly is my RL cat. I got one more, but I won’t post her, lest some creepy mind should ID me based on the combo and proceed to intern me.

Koalas: I simply couldn’t resist posting more of these little-big freaks. Pure horror.

150 people are killed each year by falling koalas.

{Hover over. Click to enlarge.}

Puppies: It is acceptable to crush puppies due to a spontaneous overflow of powerful feeelings. {Disclaimer: This is a POETIC, not LITERALLY device.} Not to be confused with Kitties: no violence on kitties permitted. Poetic, epic or otherwise. Now go ahead, get yourself some puppies. Before it’s too late… >>>

>>> Too late? ^^^

Unicorns: Very much like horses. Plus the horns. The horn is long, strong and prickly. Ergo, an essential phallic symbol. The FUCUPs are known to experience phallus envy. But slightly differently than Freud meant it, y’know.


{Am I repeating myself? Very well. It gives you the chance to see how consistent I am. I ❤ cats, bash koalas and dream of unicorn riding. Cause I’m as simple as that. Full stop.}


The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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