H50h S1 Blue Steve Pic Spam


To Ess H50BAMF, whose apparently original idea of Pic Spam is here plagiarised and appropriated for perv purposes of my own making. You and your asst eds make me happy and inspire me – mahalo!


The goal of the seeerious research was to test the hypothesis that H50 Wardrobe believe blue is the only colour ITWWW. The examined sample is 24 eps of S1, out of which accurately 10 feature blue clothes. Proven: Wardrobe are blue-biased.


Evidently, there was no need to test what is H50 common knowledge. But there was the need to post pretty, which redeems the research, right? Click to open gallery and view text caps. Screencaps courtesy of Book ’em Danno.


{This is my 11th post. Odd numbers are bad for my OCD, and prime numbers are even worse. You can make me better by saying which of my posts you like and which not. They were quite diverse, so whatever you say I will use it to find the best way to go on.}


15 thoughts on “H50h S1 Blue Steve Pic Spam

  1. Any post made from 90% pics and rest of funny caps will always be good in my book 🙂 I loved this! The first gif you made seems to be HUUUUGE ( so were my first ones too). You captured that classic view, one of the first scenes I gif´d and Westy made a hilarious drawing of (I hope you have seen it, absolutely brilliant!). I´m glad I don´t mind the blue so much, it looks good on him 🙂 or is it that he looks good in anything and even better without anything.


    1. ^ THANK YOU! ^ I don’t recall Westy’s drawing on this *emo*, must try to find it!! I will never not have a sentimental bias towards my first gif – no matter how grainy or blurred or huge or whatever – the sheer joy of having creating my very own custom-made p*rn 🙂 You’re welcome.


  2. I am lol’ing that you are dedicating a post to me that is filled with blue shirts. I think we can’t be friends anymore. (j/k)….kind of.

    For the record AGAIN, I don’t hate the blue (except that one shade he wears contantly in S3), it’s just that he’s a friggin adonis…they should be dressing him in a variety and in better stuff than the same old blue after blue after blue.


    1. ^ Irony intended 😉 ^ I originally meant to dedicate you a pantsless post but didn’t found enough material. You’re too much of a good sport to h8 me, right?

      BTW, I’m not v happy about getting blue tees all the time either, but I went to research the colour to know my enemy. Strategic op.


  3. How about a post on green teeshirts! Just for ME 😆 ! Swiss loves you marnov2205! You’re pics are beautiful, I love the subject 😉 !


        1. Cool, one wish, one grant! How could you do that so quickly, super, I.LOVE.IT 😆 Now, I’m toast with you and IntenseStudy, wow!


    1. Green is on the agenda, but it will take a while cause first I’m doing grey – my favourite – and it’s ultimately all about me, right? J/k! I ❤ you back!


      1. Hey, grey is cool, with McG every color will do, it’s just some we like better than others, and some I assimilate to special scenes, so that’s why I like them better than others! (Jeez, that’s getting complicated!)


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