Dr Andy and the FUCUP Comment Spam

Editorial Note

˅˅ THESE ˅˅ are collected comments that you funny guys actually posted in various places. The texts are slightly edited and are used with different pics than they originally were – for practical reasons. This post is meant as a tribute to your humour, but if you’re unhappy with the result, let me know and I’ll remove it. Thx to all who really wrote this post!!

Comment Spam

Kimphin1: An apple a day keeps the Dr away. I’ve always hated apples.

Canadagirl66: Fortunately I’m allergic to apples. #TrueStory

Kimphin1: Terribly fortunate.


Kimphin1: I would fake a heart attack to get a piece of that.

Marnov2205: I’d fake childbirth. For reasons.

Dr Andy: “I can fix your heart.” – Me: You’d better. You broke it.

Canadagirl66: I need help. Don’t send any!

Kimphin1: I need an injection in my midsection.


Pommienana: Can you drool, sigh and cry at the same time???

Kimphin1: Yes, but don’t get dehydrated.

Dr Andy: “I’m not giving up on you.” – Me: Unfff… You can. I’m dead.

ESS @H50BAMF: aaksdjf;aksdj;akdfja;sjkf

Kimphin1: Translating for Ess – She meant holy-friggin-hell-his-face-should-come-with-a-warning-for-people-with-heart-issues-because-mine-is-beating-very-fast-right-now.


ESS @H50BAMF: If Andy were my doctor I’d be the sickest person on the planet. Dr Andy: “Wow, I swear it looks like you just took your clothes off and rolled around in the poison ivy.” – ESS: “Oh no! I just tripped. I swear. Naked. I need some more salve over here, please… Thx.”

Dr Andy: How can I help you? – Me: You’ll need your (de)FOY(brillator). #justsayin

Lurxgirl: I could use his TLC right now, this cold is kicking my @ss!

Sabrina (@ItisSabrina): May I suggest a house call from Dr Andy?!?

Lurxgirl: Oh yes I am already in bed… So cum on in, Dr Andy.


Kimphin1: Whatever he is saying, I guarantee it’s the kind of Dr’s orders I could follow…

Canadagirl66: I would do anything he ordered me to do… A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G.  Hopefully orders are somewhere along the lines of …remove clothes… lie down… open wide and say OH MY!!!

STOP.IT.WITH.YOUR.FACE!! Or I’ll proceed to rape my laptop. FLR.

Seeerious Sidebar

{I’m a cynical freak who, among other things, loves cats more than kids. So I assumed Three Rivers would bore me to my untimely demise. I watched my first epi today and it got me crying, for reals. My point: try it, if you haven’t yet for fear that it’s too sentimental for you. There’s something about it. And SOMEONE, obvi. *end of advertisement* You’re welcome.}


2 thoughts on “Dr Andy and the FUCUP Comment Spam

  1. Great fun again Marnov 😀 the naughty comments are always so much fun to read 🙂
    Only problem with 3R was that I just wanted to watch Dr Andy and the stories kept interrupting the pretty!


    1. Paula, thank you very much again, happy you like it and hope no one will take offence 🙂 ! We’ll sure need more Dr Andy soon, considering the H50 ep that has not been aired yet and already has us basically half-killed 😉 Anyway, I was really surprised how I liked what I saw of 3R, and I even noticed most of the plot! Very unlike me…


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