A FUCUP Sends a Postcard (from a Mental) Home

Psychiatric Case Report

Summary: A thirtyish Caucasian female presented on recommendation of her GP. Exact age cannot be ascertained, patient insists she was born 20/09/10 in Hawaii. Objective testing reveals following symptomology.

  • spatiotemporal disorientation (patient erratically reports she lives “in H50AOL, 3yrs After Alex”)
  • pants-phobia towards male subjects (she obsessively attempts to remove pants off particular men)
  • panties-shyness (she explains that her panties “exploded” though no explosions have been noted)
  • language skills loss (speaks in invented abbreviations, uses existing words in inexplicable meanings)
  • random symptoms include drooling, sighing, squeeing, fingertwitching and thudding

Diagnosis: FUCUP

Care Plan: No known treatment exists.

Follow-Up: Patient sends ˅˅ THIS ˅˅ postcard (from a mental) home. Sadly, there is no text, for she cannot be trusted with a pe(e)n.

Signed Specialist: Dr Andy Yablonski

Postcard from hospital: Dear all, I ❤ it here. I won’t be back.

{Hover over for extra cap. Click to enlarge.}


{I do realise that besides confusing a fictional world and the real world, I now started to confuse two different fictional worlds on top of it. Well, I couldn’t care less. I’m a complicated case, y’know.}


2 thoughts on “A FUCUP Sends a Postcard (from a Mental) Home

  1. I see Dr Andy still captures your interest (=illness).
    Sure, no cure for this lovely disease, but who´s complaining. We love every minute of this misery. Right?


    1. He surely does. I fear the disease might be chronic. I was a sickly child, so me becoming a hysterical adult is no surprise.

      Unrelated psychiatric ward joke: How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb? Just one. But the light bulb must really want to change. *hysterically giggling at my own joke*

      No, really, today’s post is just remainders from yesterday. It’s hard to have new ideas all the time, which I hardly need to tell you.


The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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