H50 3.20 Airs Tonight: Have you Chosen Your Epitaph Yet?

The FUCUP-calendar schedules H50 3.20—the episode that’s going to kill us all—for tonight. Let it be known on my behalf that here’s an infant FUCUP cut off in her perv prime.

MARNOV. Passed away ecstatically by @rgasm, while trying to drive her face into her TV screen, on Monday 15/04/13 at 11/10c. Loving h00ker, blogger, commentator, liker and (over)sharer. RIP.

{Hover over for extra cap. Click to enlarge.}

^ THIS ^ is where you’ll find me. No flowers by request.

Now that I am dead, my dearest,

Don’t mourn for me;

For I am where I want to be—

S.x Boot Camp McG Styles—

^UP^graded version, call code: heavenly.

So if thou wilt, remember me,

But if thou wilt, forget freely.

{Apologies to Christina Rossetti’s original.}

Seeerious Sidebar

{Dear native English speakers, your modern classic literature is simply beautiful. Cherish it. My mother tongue literature sucks. #JustSayin. Christina Rossetti’s original poem is always trying to kill me. Fortunately, now I’m already dead. #ProblemSolved}


The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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