3+1 Bits of Advice for Families of FUCUPs: Caring for Your Pet Perv

1. Daily Care

Provide for your FUCUP’s daily needs by enabling her ultimate unlimited internet access. Also ensure that she has free access to fresh water, champagne and vodka and supplies of MRE Beef Stew, spam burrito and puka dogs. Do not disturb her while perving and absolutely do not approach her on Monday nights 10/9c or thereabouts.

Question: If I feed my Not McG ^ that ^, will he look like ^ THIS ^?

{Hover over for extra cap. Click to enlarge.}

2. Communication Barrier

It’s a common prejudice that the FUCUPs can’t speak properly. In fact, they have developed a surprisingly intricate system of signs and sounds by which they communicate when they need to draw one another’s attention to titbits or to alert one another of a thud danger. Learn their language. They have hopelessly unlearned yours.

3. BAMF Factor

FUCUPs are female but typically not girlie (Hi S!zZ!). Make your FUCUP happy by allowing her to indulge in cargo pants, kevlar, thigh holsters, ammo, guns, knives and the like. Encourage her to physical workout, especially when it involves valuable outdoor exercise such as S.x Boot Camp McG Styles. She’ll love your for it.

The foxhole fantasy: multiple happy endings provided.

+ 1. Insanity Issues

FUCUPs are human beings with feeelings. Don’t upset your FUCUP by telling her she’s nuts. You can’t win this one – you’re outnumbered by a massive virtual community confirming her perfect normality. With proper care, respect and understanding, your FUCUP is going to live long, prosper and perhaps even give the impression of being an ordinary specimen of person. Good luck!

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2 thoughts on “3+1 Bits of Advice for Families of FUCUPs: Caring for Your Pet Perv

  1. I can only speak for me, but I just love it when that man E.A.T.S.! Everything, but please, just feed him! (He could feed on Cath, I would like that even more 😉 preferably topless or pantless, or both 😆 )


    1. You’re not speaking for yourself only. I love it when he eats cause he gives his food so much passion that it makes one wonder how much more passion he gives to activities where passion is really like expected. Activities involving toplessness and pantslessness, obvi.


The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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