Uniform Pic Spam: Train Yourself to Endure Torture

Time Frame Clarica

This post would have made much more sense if published on Tue 16/04/13 as scheduled. But to deal with my feeels about epi 3.20, I wrote and posted a rant recap, which caused the delay of this post.

The Post Proper

It was wisely prophesised that H50 3.20 will cause the genocide of all the FUCUPs of the world by feeels. Which it did for me fine. But I have risen from the ashes to which all the feeeling parts of me were reduced. Cause I’m a fckn phoenix. Now I’m undead. This being my first day, I think it’s prudent to take it easy. No feeelings, no seeerious, just prettteee for today, okay?

Remember the awkward moment when CBS asked if we love men in uniform? (Pingback here.) No, we HATE men in uniform. Especially ˅˅ THIS MAN ˅˅. That’s why we keep on posting him. So a$$ to learn to endure torture. A skill taught in the Seal School. Also day four of S.x Boot Camp McG Styles. Also a DIY-skill, if neither McG nor NotMcG instructor is available. Click gallery TO.BE.TORTURED.

{Screencaps courtesy of Book ’em Denno.}


{I’m weird. [No, that’s not the point yet, I know you know already.] I like men in uniforms but I love them without uniforms even better. Wait. I’m taking it back. You know what, Steve, I don’t like your uniform at all, so would you pls take it off for me? Thx. I promise to exercise superhuman self-restraint and put the uniform on a hanger before I proceed.}


8 thoughts on “Uniform Pic Spam: Train Yourself to Endure Torture

  1. #1 all I can say is, the utmost first eyebrow-porn by SteveMcG! Even though I started my watching somewhere in the middle of Season1, that’s were I fell for him! And his “it’s been a while!” drop-dead-gorgeous-sexy voice is haunting me until today!


    1. Yep, #1 is my favourite. I actually recall quite distinctly that this was my first sight of AOL and I was thinking that I don’t like this actor because he is rather too pretty. Well, I was to get over this reservation soon enough.


  2. *thud* Uniform… *sigh* the dress blues… *sigh* maybe I should try to comment on this later LOL can’t concentrate on typin with those pics in my head…which makes my heart beat faster…and my temperature risin…and… NOOO I’ll stop here LOL


  3. #6 the way he holds the cap with his hands, so crazy cool! Omg, he’s such a hottie with his uniform, and his other hand in his pocket, I can understand your “I-go-perv-wandering-around-thoughts” seriously, I do/can 😆 ! I have to say it again: THAT MAN IN HIS UNIFORM IS FRKN HOT AND ENTIRELY SEX ON LEGS! (Should I say it again? I could !)


The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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