H50h 3.20 Pic Spam


To Paula aka Neropatti. Cause I’m good at giving people what they DON’T want. Namely, Paula suggested that I should try GIFFING 3.20, considering my enthusiasm about it, on which I promptly went SCREENCAPPING it.


AFTER I made this complete post, I realised it’s nothing but a lazy imitation of Ess, the pic spam queen and possibly inventor. But I thought it would be a waste NOT to post it still. Tune on at Ess’s place for her original Pic Spam of 3.20 this Sunday!


{Click to enter. Makes best sense if you have both seen the epi and read my idiosyncratic recap of it. Find also more pics in the recap.}


8 thoughts on “H50h 3.20 Pic Spam

  1. I really did like your attention to details, like the dirty back pocket ..thanks for showing it to us…LOL


  2. We are just a bunch of very well observing fangirls 😉 why isn’t Cath having a dirty butt? She’s practically lying on the dirt-road while doing her bamf-stuff with the bad-guy, hahah! I so love to talk about THESE MATTERS! If once I’m in a bad situation, I really wanna have Steve by my side (I can understand Jenna, “I need you, Steve”)!


    1. You got me, I didn’t once look at Cath’s bottom… #ResearchFailure. For the record: I’d take Steve by my side in ANY position. I mean, SITUATION, of course.


    1. ^ LOL! ^ I’m glad to oblige 🙂 I love that you are appreciating my effort in showing you McG’s dirty pants pockets, Cath’s clean pants pockets, Joe’s face and other perfectly innocent and plot-related details 🙂


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