FUCUP Shout Outs: McG, CALL ME!!

As taught by Prettteee Maha, the FUCUP Queen, I duly cry “CALL ME!!” at people with whom I wish to engage in some serious grappling. While nekkid. Maha presumably never meant her innocent injunction as a s.xual invitation, but I’m a perverted interpreter. So be careful before telling me you’ll call me. You may or may not find yourself begging for s.xing favours without even noticing. {McNerd: See FUCUPspeak Dic(k)tionary for bold words.}

A Hypothetical Convo Transcript

{Phone ringing.}

McG: M-g-a-e-t.

Me: Blahblahblah.

McG: Coming.

Me: Me too.


Now, ^ that ^ was seriously silly. Will a ˅ pic ˅ redeem me? {Click to enlarge.}

My hotline is open 24/7.

^ Redeemed? ^ Then TY. Not redeemed? Then CALL ME!! And I’ll redeem you. And me.


{Pls do not contact me unless you’re 18 or above, strikingly athletic, exceptionally handsome, preferably male and have a weekend to spare. #justsayin}


6 thoughts on “FUCUP Shout Outs: McG, CALL ME!!

    1. Thx so much for the feedback!! I’m glad and surprised cause I really thought this one was silly and not funny at all. If I ever learn to control the direction of my chaotic bursts of inspiration for posts, I’m sure to try to give you more of this specific kind…


  1. McG on the phone is always eye-candy, because we can see his long-perfectly-shaped and full of vein-porn frkn hot and s*xy fingers! Huh, sometimes I have those weird thoughts about his frkn hot fingers! He usually makes his eyebrow-porn which I’m very fond of! Orange really is a not-matching-McG-color, but it’s a scooter anyway, ’cause we focus on the phone (ahm SMILE), don’t we 😆 ?


    1. I actually like the orange, for a change 🙂 Of course, I must insist that the best “colour” would be nude. Unless you convince me otherwise. By a practical demonstration.


The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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