The Best of Sardonic Maha: Sardonictionary Illustrated

˅˅ THESE ˅˅ are editor’s picks of concepts common on H50 Sardonic. A shout out to Maha’s funny (and prettteee), enhanced by pictorial evidence.

{Screencaps courtesy of Book ’em Danno.}

1 Eyes.xing

Maha soon discovered McG’s special skill and termed it eyes.xing. That’s what McG does to partners [˅˅ look ˅˅], perps and random objects within a one-mile perimeter.

If Danno could conceive McG’s babies, Hawaii would be seriously overpopulated.

2 Intent Unknown

Maha’s common crack-up line that never gets old: “I can’t tell if McG wants to fck something or a.smash it.” Absolutely [˅˅ look ˅˅]. Neither can I. *fingers crossed for the first*

For the record: whatever you choose to do to me, you’re welcome.

3 Danno’s Pompadour

Maha identifies Danno’s hairstyle as pompadour. It has a life of its own [˅˅ look ˅˅]. To acknowledge it, Maha occasionally tweets as the pompadour.

“I’m sooo emooo,” Danny’s hair tweeted today. “#FUHawaiianBreeze.”

+1 Hugsies

Maha advocates full body contact. To express emotions properly, you must hug the person on the receiving end as hard as you can. ˅˅ THIS ˅˅ is a classic example of NOT hugsies. #EpicFail

The awkward moment when you try to hug someone without actually hugging her.

˅˅ THIS ˅˅ IS a classic example of hugsies. May break a few bones in the body of the recipient, on which she is likely to squeee but unlikely to complain. *hugsies*

The bear hug that breaks your backbone. And you respond: “Thank you.”


{I’d much rather you don’t call me plagiarist but researcher in FUCUP Studies instead. Also person of eclectic taste. Roger that?}


8 thoughts on “The Best of Sardonic Maha: Sardonictionary Illustrated

  1. OMG, I can’t get pass #2 “Intent Unknown”, I would know what to do, when he’d looked at me like that! He was so frkn gorgeous in the end of this ep, talking to the gov with his frkn hot glowing eyes! Nice fighting scene at the end, as well, ahhh, so much to love, you bring back so many cute memories of s1, and I love ALL of them!
    Jeez, the bear-hug with Mary (still-standing-forever in a pic), his hand holding her head and a few of her hair strings going for McG’s perfect eyebrow-porn, seriously, I can’t find any words without using the one’s I don’t want to use 😉 ! (’cause I’m a non-native English speaker, I’m not at all sure if I’d use them correctly!)
    And as usual, your comments crack me up 😆 so much fun! Thanks


    1. Glad that you’re enjoying yourself!! I’m still stuck with S1, in a way my favourite season. Some of the pics are quite finds, right? Of course, all the credit goes to daaat faaace…

      Hm, are there any words you don’t want to use? What a shame, I’m curious what they would be 😉 BTW, your English makes perfect sense to me. (Might be owing to the fact that it’s not my first language, either 🙂 ).


  2. #2 has the hottest, most sexiest, erotically charged and absolutely provocative leering (even though he looks at a non-fema!e)! “For the record: whatever you choose to do to me, I’ll let you 😉 !


    1. And “dirty” s1 kevlar, FOR.THE.WIN!!!! (I’ll volunteer to clean it, with my bare hands, cleaning “him” for hours!)


      1. The dirty kevlar is a bonus – took me a while to notice this scooter. But, why clean it when you’re to remove it and throw it on the floor anyway, or not 😉 ?


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