FUCUP Fun Fiction: On Manila Envelopes and Anonymous Admirers

On returning from my regular morning jogging up-and-down the Haiku Stairs (aka the Hawaiian Stairway to Heaven), … Wait. Who am I kidding? Here: On returning from my irregular morning crawl down-and-up the house stairs (aka the local Stairway to H3ll and Back), I discovered a manila envelope addressed to Marnov (#HelloIt’sMe) under the windshield wiper of my parents’ borrowed car. Cause it’s Tuesday, the day when I receive assorted trinkets from an anonymous admirer.

{Click to enlarge.}

Today’s envelope contained: a rather rusty brass key (early American 19th century) to that person’s right chamber in his heart (non-literally). Also: a pair of pretty men’s underwear (the size looks promising). And: GPS coordinates of a foxhole in Oahu. Well, someone’s clearly trying to send me a message. Cause it’s Tuesday, the day when everything is the other way round.  Such as McG making a begging puppy face at me, instead of me making a begging kitty face at him.

{Click to enlarge.}


{I grew into the habit of annotating each my post by footnotes. A seeerious critical theoretical job. Only today I got nothing to say. And I’m saying it. (Hello John Cage!)}


2 thoughts on “FUCUP Fun Fiction: On Manila Envelopes and Anonymous Admirers

  1. I love the pics and the funny writing! Are these pics when he goes up the stairs with L**I? I’m jealous how he carried her down again and his hand just beneath her “underARM”! One shouldn’t desire other people’s stuff but with Steve I can’t help 😉 !


    1. Yep, that’s the pics of Steve jogging with She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. J/k! I didn’t dislike L**i, rather, I felt sorry for the actress because of the awkward stuff she got to act on this show. Poor Lauren… On second thoughts, she was more than well rewarded in this scene!


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