H50hs Classic Pic(k)s: “I Like to Drive”


To Maria Joaoi, who thoughtlessly remarked she liked my postcards, on which I happily ran off to make a whole lot of more of these silly little things.

“I Like to Drive…”

“… cause I have control issues, as you shall see when I remove my pants.” I can’t wait when you do, McG! So that you know: I’ve been a v v naughty girl. #JustSayin

˅˅ THIS ˅˅ is how a manly masculine man drives a car. {Click to enlarge.}

Driving Miss Daisy. I mean, Driving Ms Marnov.

Until ˅˅ THIS ˅˅ chain of events happens.

A crash test gone sideways.

Welcome to my world.


{I absolutely don’t care about cars. Finding the pictures and the price of Camaro was not fun. I appeal to you to set up a collection to hire me the Camaro driver for a day as an appreciation of my efforts. Thx in advance.}


9 thoughts on “H50hs Classic Pic(k)s: “I Like to Drive”

  1. Thanks for the postcard, its hard to type when I’m still laughing. And please post more because I really love them.


  2. And you are soooooooooooooo right, that driver is priceless. We only have one Alex and Camaros are easy to be replaced.


        1. Nothing to worry about, you might get a post devoted TO you, but probably not ABOUT you (unless you’d insist) – cause this is ultimately all about me 😉 #ShamelesslySelfish


  3. The camaro Driver in #1 is “priceless”! The pics you “pick” are making my life so much enjoyable, thanks so much! As I said pic1 is my fav, look at his hand/fingers/knuckles, omg, and the eyebrow-porn, OMG, I’m really hot on his eyebrows (can you say that?) and as a bonus, he is caressing his lips with his beautiful fingers! Ouch, 😉 !


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