McG and the FUCUP Comment Spam

Editorial Note

˅˅ THESE ˅˅ are collected comments that you funny guys actually posted in various places. The texts are slightly edited and are used with different pics than they originally were – for practical reasons. This post is meant as a tribute to your humour, but if you’re unhappy with the result, let me know and I’ll remove it. Thx to all who really wrote this post!!

Comment Spam

LaHagela (The Tinkler): Steve is looking exceptionally fine… His face hurts my lady parts.

Alicia: Well, honey, make him shave first next time.


ESS @H50BAMF: I’m pretty sure when he smiles an angel gets his wings.

Kimphin1: And then it flies out of my vag.


Andr3a (Hawaii 5-0 FUCUP Blogazine): FLR.

Kimphin1: MthrFckng. {{TWITCH}}

Canadagirl66: B@stard!!!

Marnov2205: TPD. #justsayin

ESS @H50BAMF: All said with love in our hearts.


ESS @H50BAMF: He needs a hug… With my thighs.

FOYeur: I think he is thinking…

Canadagirl66: I’m thinking that I’d love to lick that sweat off his face.

That awkward moment when a pic makes you cry. It must be hormonal disbalance.

50fangirl: This is so HOT on so many levels!!!

Kimphin1: Yes, but mostly on the lower level.


Canadagirl66: That face… and those arms… and those hands… and that crouch… OH.MY!!! BAMF Steve is such a S.XY.B@STARD!!

Kimphin1: ^ “and that crouch…” ^ One of those times that even a typo would work… (and that crotch…)

Canadagirl66: #TRUTH

Lurxgirl: Oh yes!! I wanna crouch on his crotch!! Please, please!!

I guess this was not meant to be pretty. But holy sh!t, it is!!

Lurxgirl: I love these cargos soooo much!! I think the cargos like McG a lot too. They are clinging to him for dear life.

Canadagirl66: Cargos = Smart B@stards.


Sabrinanthesand (@ItisSabrina):   If he ever wore those cargos around me I’d be arrested for indecent exposure of HIM.

Dear camera, thank you. That’s all.


{I don’t condone violence. And: I totally watched H50 3.20 for the plot. Bazinga.}


7 thoughts on “McG and the FUCUP Comment Spam

    1. They’re my favourites too and I always recall this witty little comment exchange when daaat faaace makes any part of my body hurt. Credit to the commentators, the funny bunch!


  1. wow, when you put them in one place I look like a dirty-minded girl! haha. thanks for collecting them! It’s fun revisiting.


    1. I don’t think “dirty-minded”. I think your mind must be a very pleasant place to lounge 🙂 I’m in love with your sense of humour, all of you, so keep on commenting to give me more collectibles 🙂 !


  2. Marnov2205 thanks, it’s so much fun! I love the “level” discussion the most 😉 ’cause I would love the lower level too, ha! With all these comments, we refresh our lifes so much it sometimes hurts 😉 It’s so funny to read familiar comments again here, keep on, pls, my English vocabualry is increasing by the hour!


    1. It’s just that I can’t spell “vocabulary” correctly, as I said I’m on a lower level! But for the win, and because of Steve’s wig, I’m so proud that I’ve learned the word “cheetos”! Thanks to all of you guys, you’re enriching my life to the utmost! 😆 Daily!


      1. LOL to all! Yeah, we non-native speakers are getting extremely proficient in bad English and useless English here (let’s face it: how often would you use the word “cheetos” in a normal real-life conversation?).BTW the most bizarre word I learned this way is “merkin”… Bizarre!


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