H50h Pilot: Our First Time Animated (Mostly)


To Rocsfan, whom I warned that she’ll get a post dedicated to her if she keeps on encouraging me in my silliness. She kept on and I kept my promise.

Our First Sigh(t) of Cargos

The moment when I first realised that the beauty of Hawaiians who don’t even look Hawaiian was a fine a$$et to the Show and when I threatened to unfollow Show for the plot.

Meeting the Mercury

McG reminisces about his first time. In a car. His first time driving, that is. In a next epi Danno discovers that Mercury, like McG, possesses a classic beauty and fierce temperament.

No. 1 McDanno C.ck Off

Too much testosterone? Time to bring out your tent poles and set up a S.x Boot Camp McG Styles, don’t you think? Danno may make a guest appearance.

Staple Perp Pursuit

I’m a living advert for climbing and mount(aineer)ing. Whenever McG climbs something, I totally become one with the thing.

Inaugural Epic A$$mashing

McHesse grappling serves as the precursor of many epic a$$mashing scenes to come. I approve. I mean: nooo to violence, yeah to a$$mashing!

Explanatory (Somewhat)

{Why the pilot now? Cause it’s ultimately all about me. Tags: #How-I-Got-My-H50-DVDs-as-the-Last-Person-ITWWW, #How-I-Taught-Myself-in-under-3-Hours-to-RIP-DVDs-for-Editing, #How-I-Decided-to-Rewatch-&-RIP-&-GIFH50. Also: #I-Declare-Myself-a-Self-Taught-Genius.*solitary self-applause*}


12 thoughts on “H50h Pilot: Our First Time Animated (Mostly)

  1. And another one! What more can I say? Only that after a shitty day you made me laugh.Thanks I really needed my fix.


  2. Self taught really deserves applause! *clap-clap-still clapping-bravo!* 😀
    PS Wouldn´t it be nice if we would see Steve driving the Merc more often? I love how they shot so 1 final epi with that cool music and Steve coming around the bend. So good!


    1. *blushing* Yours is an acknowledgment from the master. *still blushing* Thank you. And absolutely, more Merc would be a welcome distraction – I’m not into cars but I do think that this one is a fine specimen. The scene you mention IS great, and so are scenes of Max driving (no matter which car), I think…


    1. LOL!! Now it’s up to me to thank you for entertaining me 🙂 A work-day as looong as the FOOOY, indeed… I mean: poor thing, hope you’ll have some rest over the weekend 😉


  3. Thanks for the fun and the beautiful pics and gifs, super, you finally did it (with the gifs) 😉 I’m proud! One just has to love Steve McGarrett, he’s so cool! and sexy! and cute! and gorgeous! and smexy (my personal fav ’cause I’ve found that in the online-dicc, ha!)
    They had real good fighting scenes in season1, hess/McG and epi 5 the end scene, a lot of Steve Bamf-stuff!


    1. Happy you’re enjoying this! Oh yes, Steve’s cool and hot, and smexy is the word 🙂 I never liked action scenes before but McG changed me and now I indulge in them on slow play… #IMayNeedHelp


  4. OMG!!!! Thank you! We need more silliness in the world, is all I can say about that.

    I’m so impressed that you become one with the anything that he climbs. So impressive! (I’ve often thought about climbing that marvalous mountain of a man myself. 🙂 )

    The awesomee a$$ in the cargos and meeting the Merc for the first time? Incredible memories!

    Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!!!


    1. LOL!! Your anonymous comment puzzled me for a moment – I told myself, wow, what an appreciative piece of spam 🙂 Thank YOU – wait, is it thanksgiving today 😉 ? And for the record: I’m happy both to climb and to be climbed upon. Hm. Did it go out wrong? #JustProjectionIssues


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