FUCUP Facts: S.x Boot Camp McG Styles

Recent practice has shown that there still exist ladies unacquainted with the benefits of being a FUCUP. The most popular benefit is a subscription to the S.x Boot Camp McG Styles, an action-packed in-and-out-*ehm*-door activity with a highly qualified instructor. (Actually, he’s the best.) Leading FUCUP scholars define the Boot Camp like this.

Ess (@H50BAMF): Basically it’s the premise that s.x with Steve McG is anything other than normal, more like boot camp with a lot of action, barking orders and sweating… and a lot of nekkidness.

Or like this:

Marnov2205: An X-rated Aloha Girls outing. Involves grappling, panting and moaning. Also duct tape, nail glue and sewing. Pantslessness and the FOY provided for all.

A prerequisite for taking the Boot Camp is soft skills training in ˅˅ the Seal School ˅˅:

Seal School: PG12.

Successful graduates may proceed directly to hard skills drill in ˅˅ the Boot Camp ˅˅:

S.x Boot Camp McG Styles: X-rated.

You’re welcome.


{Let’s face it: this post is about education. If you think otherwise, the fault is surely yours.}


6 thoughts on “FUCUP Facts: S.x Boot Camp McG Styles

    1. You tell me! Of course we should… But until we make the reward happen by sheer power of will, we’ll have to just reward one another with posting pictures and comments 🙂 And keeping on *ehm* learning!


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