H50h S1 Colour Grey Pic Spam


To myself. It’s ultimately about me, y’know. To Sue (@ONTLLs), who shares my good taste in McG and the colour grey combo, for I just noticed that I happened to include in the gallery the pic that she’s using as her avi. *fist bump*

Pic Spam

This is a loose sequel to the Blue Steve Pic Spam here. The original idea was a seeerious study of H50 Wardrobe choices. But the research went sideways cause the scholar was #DistractedByDelicious and started #PervingOverPretty. Sorry. It’s ultimately not about the colour grey, y’see.

{Screencaps courtesy of Book ’em Danno. Click to enter gallery.}


{I demand that my unnatural self-restraint be acknowledged, for I managed to avoid all most of the random explicit thoughts that kept recurring to me while text-capping the pics. I never once mentioned the FOY, my lady parts, a combination of the aforementioned, or any other anatomy class concepts. Feel free to make up for this lack on my behalf.}


14 thoughts on “H50h S1 Colour Grey Pic Spam

  1. Great captions in the pics LOL
    So 1 Steve was just too pretty (really he was breathtakingly pretty back then, but since then has become a man with serious guns and yummy galore. Nom-nom-nom 😉


    1. Thx! I wouldn’t say no to either S1 or S3 Steve, obvi 🙂 But I like returning to where it began cause I was watching for the plot for most of S1 and S2 (yes, silly stupid me), so rewatching these is a great rediscovery to me.


  2. I get a dedication.. WOW!!
    thanks 😀 😀

    P.S. the pic is a screencap that caught my eye cuz his eyes look gorgeous in them!!


    1. You’re welcome 😉 Your avi pic is a special one, an unusual angle, unusual lighting – to me McG looks a bit tired/sad in this, but of course you can’t really tell from a screencap. And it is a cute pic ultimately.


  3. marnov I’m proud of you, no naugthy talk 😉 even though we’re talking about grey teeshirts! “you’re not getting away that easily” you’re just so funny, your comments make me giggle everytime! #1 I’m pretty sure this is a Danny-glance, I love the way he glances at Danny, so humorous and real! Thanks again!
    PS: So for now, you did a blue and grey, how about a green for next week (my fav)? To make it longer and to do more pics und can divide it into different green 😉 like emerald-green, military-green, deepsea-green, gras-green (we leave that for the more desperate ones 😉 ) greyish-green! Just so you don’t get bored :lol:!


    1. Buttercup, if you’re having fun, then my mission was a success 🙂 ! Thx for appreciating my superhuman supercontrol, I can’t guarantee it will last for long, though. Now, you set me checking on which scene pic #1 comes from and actually, it’s a Mary-glance *surprise*, not Danny-glance this time. Oh and of course, a green post is bound to come, just give me some more time to do that… But I thought you were the blue fan?? What happened?


      1. Now that you’ve mentioned it, hah, it’s the Mary-glance at the cementary! I guess it’s a family-glance then and Danny is kind of family too! That’s how I got confused 😉 ! As for the tee, I’m happy with the blue (veryveryhappy!), but green’s tha ultimate! (I guess, it changes as to my moods! It’s one of these of Alex things, you can never be sure!) Sorry I got you confused! I’ve to check my comment on you blue tee!


        1. Of course Danny is family, I mean, ohana 🙂 But I suspect McG would eyes.x anyone really the same. Cause that’s what he does. Anyway, thx for enlightening me as to the colour thing and stay tuned for the green to come!


  4. Get back on his lap right now, you naughty McPerv!

    Glad I’m not the only one who thinks he looks wonderful in gray! The gray shirt from The Hiking Episode is so perfect on him! I just want to run my hands all over it.


      1. So true! I actually had already planned to do a “gray” section on my Monday Magic next week when I get to G. I hope you don’t think I’m copying you! Just adding to all the prettiness that is gray!


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