H50hs Classic Pic(k)s: May Your Ohana Always Have Your Back

*Warning: May contain visual traces of emo. And verbal traces of nuts.*


To Andr3a of the H50 FUCUP Blogazine. Cause a verse from her “FUCUP Blessing” is plagiarised in the title of this post. And cause she was my first follower, so devoting an Ohana post to Andr3a seems fit.

{Screencaps courtesy of Book ’em Danno. Click to enlarge.}


Dear Show, couldn’t you pls make sis Mary a regular? Were it only to give McG more women to bear hug. And to feed the FUCUPs more teddy bear cuddling fantasies to live on. Thx. Yours, FUCUP sistahs.


McG & kids make me forget Kids R Dumb. Dear McG, if you’re looking for someplace to plant your seed, you might ultimately convince me. Multiple attempts to conceive will be necessary. Thx. Yours, McMarnov.


Dear Danno, unlike McG, you don’t look the more handsome for taking a BTTF. You lack the healing powers of the FOY. Ask Cat(h), she may have one for borrowing. You’re welcome. Your doctor and your pharmacist.


{This is my 30th post. I think. Cause I’m no adding machine and have the right to miscalculate. Does this occasion feel special or is it just me? #MyBad #SillyStupidMe}


2 thoughts on “H50hs Classic Pic(k)s: May Your Ohana Always Have Your Back

  1. Season 1, I’m missing it, but I will start to rewatch tonight! A lot of recent posts did Season 1 stuff so I have to rewatch (just for the beauty of it)! Oh yes, Mary provided us with some nice hugs, I kinda like her “being the black sheep” of the family!


    1. Season 1 is a classic and I’ve been feeling sentimental about it recently. I’m on a rewatch now, but if I keep on with my pace of one episode per week, it’s going to last me forever! Which might not be a bad thing… Oh, and black sheep FTW!


The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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