H50h 1.02 Animated (Mostly)

***Sorry. There’s no text but random explicit thoughts. Sorry again.***

Recalling 1.02, I’m sure there was a case and the H50hs solved it in under 43 min. Now, let’s move on to the real important stuff.

Seals Like to Swim (SBJ&TO!)

One of the awkward moments when I deeply regret that Show is set in the US. Cause: European style swim trunks don’t involve so much redundant cloth as the American style kind.

Too Much Pretty (Unfff…)

Wait. This ain’t pretty. ˅˅ THIS ˅˅ is simply beautiful. PIC 1: Look at the adorable interior decoration, the lamp and the matching rattan! PIC 2: On second thought, how T F that the man-scooter didn’t just launch himself at McG’s head, as any normal human would do? Show, hire me, and I’ll show ya. {Click pics to enlarge.}

Everyone Likes Hippos (WTF?)

I’m rather indifferent to hippos and children alike. And so is McG!! We’re a perfect mind match! McG should really call me to find out if we’re a perfect body match, too. I’m pretty confident that I’d make a better interface than the one in the lift for him to push my button and use his tool. #JustSayin

You Can Stop Now, Ladies (LOL!)

Sorry, Chin, we can’t stop. For we have drunk of the Fountain of Youth just like the perp has drunk of the hose. It makes sense that we now demand the same follow-up treatment of hugging McG with our thighs, just like said perp. Hanging off a roof while doing that is optional. Nekkidness not.

It’s Like Pulling a Tooth Legendary (FTW!)

PIC 1: McG’s eyebrows think: It’s gonna be helluva fun! Danno thinks: I’m not talking to him right now. Chin thinks: Them ladies are in each other’s hair again. Me thinks: I love a BAMF who comes prepared. PIC 2: Me thinks ouch. For Alex must have inevitably bruised his palm on the chain when doing the stunt without gloves.

Trivia Notice

{Yesterday was Lei Day in Hawaii, May Day elsewhere and strangely, Love Day in where I live. (No, I don’t live on Mars. But a close guess. Check this out.) Instead of finding a cherry tree to kiss my NotMcG under it, as my countrymen did, I sat down to make an awkward-chick-flick-moment ohana post. Hope you’re relieved to find me my usual silly self today.}


18 thoughts on “H50h 1.02 Animated (Mostly)

  1. I like your comments on the first picture. I Europe, not so much clothing. So you talking “Speedos” 😯

    P.S. In Canada, I am still enjoying May Day, for another 8 hours at least! 🙂


    1. I’m not sure if I were so serious about the speedos because I haven’t seen a single man yet who would look good in this ridiculously cut excuse for swim swear. But maybe McG would change me? >> McG, change me!!

      And yes, time zones make some of my remarks sound premature to some and belated to others – how weird…


  2. I loved the elevator scene! I miss that Steve so much, dorky face and equally awkward manners 😀
    Also that chain slide, best moment in the gag reel, well in the top 3 at least. That balcony drop was hilarious. I miss Steve going crazy with the perps. Why isn´t he allowed to feed them to the sharks anymore? That new governor killed all the fun 😦


    1. Absolutely!! There were excellent gags with perps in S1. Show has gone more for character stuff rather than for fun gags recently. Which is not bad either. Anyway, I’m still laughing mad while rewatching S1 – looks like it never gets old 🙂


  3. After being stuck in the 1st goodies for a long time because I like to see pretty things like the sky and the ocean,,,,ah,,,and there was a man swimming with blue shorts , I finally saw the other goodies.
    I remember that Alex spoke of that scene in an interview, saying that at first his face was kinda of strange when they did the close-ups and that it took a long time to shoot.
    Thanks for my daily fix.


    1. Oh yes, thanks for noticing – I surely included #1 gifts to showcase the beauty of the Hawaiin ocean and sky – not my fault that a man happened to be swimming by 🙂

      I’m quite in awe of the chain stunt – it must take much courage to throw oneself down from a ledge like this. No matter the safety precautions etc. I know which interview you’re referring to – if having a strange face on was the ONLY problem, well, then respect!!


    1. Thx a lot!! *blushing (im)modestly* Funny, me the cavewoman taught herself to make gifs 🙂 I’m still not too happy with the result but I keep on practising, for I hope to make posts like this for other episodes, too. Of course, there are gif- and pic-masters around from whom to learn… *not looking in anyone’s particular direction*


  4. His face is so funny, I sometimes look at it and I can’t believe that Alex has so many facial expressions, s1 was so cute and gorgeous Steve and as Paula said, he was such a dork, with his dorky manners, not afraid he could make a fool of himself, so pure! I love your text and gifs, so cool you’ve learnt it, cool for us too 😉 ! Thanks 😆


    1. You’re very welcome!! I’m sure to stumble on and capture more dorky Steve when getting down to the following episodes in S1! For your (ehm, and mine, ehm) pleasure 🙂


  5. I love it when Danny’s mad at Steve and I love it when he says “you’re an animalt”! Or that other scene with the grenade at the store! Or when he takes the bullett for Chin in 2.23, he screams sth like “what is the matter with you ..”! Hookman too, I think it’s the *Daddy in Danny* !


      1. Yes, mine too, Danny’s “omg, I’m so shocked at what your doing-face!” and Steve’s “huh, Danny, you’re worried, I’m touched-face”! Priceless!


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