H50h 3.21 Pic Spam [Part 1]

Click to enter gallery. Find more pics in my recap of the epi here.


10 thoughts on “H50h 3.21 Pic Spam [Part 1]

  1. “it’s a woah fat” *so much laughing*! I’m cracking up, thanks so much, exactly what I needed this afternoon 😆 !
    PS: I didn’t actually realise the scar he has on his forehead until the last pic, not even while watching the epi! I should watch more carefully! Anotherwise I won’t be in the “Undercover-Team” with you guys!


    1. Anotherwise (?), otherwise would be correct, where’s my mind, still in the gutter, tossing around in the mud 😉 ha, hahaha! (Don’t want to come out again!)


    2. Thx for laughing at my silly joke! It just came to me spontaneously when I made the screencap – and my mind can be a horrible place… Hm, you are not watching for the plot, are you?? You might not fit in our *ehm* undercover *ehm* team very well then… J/k!!

      P.S.: I guess the word is “otherwise”, but I have a great autocorrect in my mind (another proof of how horrible place it is) and I never notice such things. No need to bother about this!


The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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