H50h 3.21 Facts: What We Learned

What we mostly learned from this epi is that McG looks awful in a wig.

Blue Bunker

ChinChin is shown descending into the depths of hellhole to reveal that there is a nuclear shelter under the H50hs HQ. Which contains what was previously called the Blue Room, but shall henceforth be known as the Blue Bunker. Because that’s what underground rooms are: bunkers, actually. {Click pics to enlarge.}

Majik Table Manoeuvres

She who wants to communicate important plot-related info to the H50hs must lean over the majik table before starting to speak. Random explicit remark: If your intel involves a plot-related pants removal request, this position may prove strategically convenient for the follow-up manoeuvres.

Camera Covering

McDanno’s thinking: If you don’t want the camera to cover something, you must cover the camera. Woah Fat’s thinking: If you don’t want the camera to shoot your shooting, you must shoot the camera. The camera’s thinking: Whatever. My cameraman has a cell camera and he will use it.

McG Is a Magnet for Bullets

It is a fangirl fact that McG-Spot is a magnet for FUCUPs. It is a truth in Danno’s world that McAnimal is a magnet for bullets. This episode proudly presents the awkward moment when Danno’s world and Chin’s world become one. Also, the awkward moment when Chin and a bullet become one.

Daaat Faaace

An H50hs Basal Reader: Danno talks with his hands. Kono talks with her hair. Chin talks with his gun. McG talks with his face. When Danno speaks, nobody listens. When Kono speaks, everyone looks. When Chin speaks, everyone dies. When McG speaks, everyone stares. *eyes.xed into submission*


3 thoughts on “H50h 3.21 Facts: What We Learned

  1. I’m eyese*ed into submission already and the day has just begun! How shall I work now! Ah, I love the words McG and submission, they do funny things to my usually sane mind! Thanks marnov I love it very much!


    1. Thx a lot!! But work?! What’s that?? Is it some kind of a swearword? Maybe we should type w.rk… Eyes.xing is clearly McG’s first choice of weapon. A weapon of mass panty destruction, obvi.


  2. I just love those 3.21 cargos, and I love the “daat faace” part 😉 and I’ve got a girl-crush on Kono (btw I love her cloths and fugly boots, it’s what makes KONO, and I love it!)


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