Perving over Pretty: Hawaiian Scenery Sighting

Hawaiian scenery sighting gives the impression that either Hawaii is unrealistically beautiful, or Show has excellent photoshopping editors. Another impression is that either the manly masculine handsome Hawaiian man is unrealistically beautiful, too, or something is wrong with my vision.

Scenic Spot #1: Jackals and Hyenas

The spot where Danno admitted that this is a very nice corner of a pineapple-infested h3llhole indeed. He did it only to talk McG into showing him how to get back down to s.x and the city.

McG: Look at the jackals and hyenas! – Danno: Which way to civilised society?

Scenic Spot #2: Hansel and Gretel

Fun fact: Bore fact: The fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel as told in my region involves Hansel climbing a tree to see the way home rather than stupidly leaving a trail of bread crumbs for the birds to eat.

Bore fiction: Hence, in my fantasy tale McG is the poor dear bro Hansel on top of a tree lookout deck and I’m the good sis Gretel to take his hand and lead him home. And straight to the bedroom, FYI.

Boredom ultimate: My RL given name is my language version of the name Gretel. Truly. Therefore the fantasy above is destined to happen!! Yay!! Hansel McG, call me, for you’re my destiny!!

H50hs proudly present Hawaii as the place with the best cell signal coverage ITWWW.

Scenic Spot #3: Jaws 3

Chin is Lost. Kono is a Cylon. McG is a transplant surgeon. So it doesn’t really matter that there are piranhas, mutated alligators and great whites in the water. Yes, I know, I watch far too much TV.

Chin: Drinking the water would make you sick. – McG: Don’t be silly. My FOY would cure me.


{You knew this post wouldn’t be ultimately about scenery sighting. If you are sorely disappointed, pls don’t throw shoes but go to see and learn about Hawaii here.}


4 thoughts on “Perving over Pretty: Hawaiian Scenery Sighting

  1. As soon as I saw the title I knew that the “Hawaiian Scenery Sighting” was going to be Amazing and I was right. AOL is always a Amazing sight for our eyes, and we love to see pretty things.


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