H50h 3.22 Pic Spam [Part 1]

Click to enter gallery. Find more pics in my recap of the epi starting here.


11 thoughts on “H50h 3.22 Pic Spam [Part 1]

      1. That’s yr fault, because even if we sat banana I bet that we are thinking about something else. HAHAHAH


  1. I screamed with pleasure at McG opening a door with his hands 😆 best part, for sure! I won’t start about the face, because I can’t, not again TALK-ABOUT-HIS-FACE-AND-THAT-SEXY-HAIR-CUT-IS-MAKING-HIS-FACE-EVEN-MORE-FRKN-HOT-AND-I-CAN’T-BREATH-BECAUSE-OF-SO-MUCH-S**YNESS!
    Have I mentioned the eyebrow-wrinkles-porn?


    1. Daaat faaace *sigh* I even made a new #tag in its honour. I definitely do agree that the new hair cut is doing a great job in showcasing the face – LOVING it. I consider making a tag in its honour, too… Like daaat haaair or something… Anyway, stay tuned on, pic spam Part 2 is coming soon 😉


  2. How much pleasure can we have from that short hair of his! Seriously enhances the beauty of his face. Loving it 🙂
    PS I want those live lawn ornaments too! Is that house for sale?


    1. Oh, sorry, false alarm – I don’t know anything about houses with live guy decorations – especially ^^ THOSE ^^ guys, I got a bit taken away in my fantasy… LOL, yeah, I doubt anyone anticipated how much excitement and sexc!tement the new hair cut would bring! I love to see I’m not the only who totally concentrates on the plot when it comes to H50…


The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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