H50h 3.22 Fashion Facts: Some Scary, Some Silly, Some Smart

For the record: There was plot in 3.22 and it got solved in under 43 minutes. This duly noted, let’s discuss: Does Steve wear too much blue? Does Danno look good in grey? Do all baddies wear black?

When Wardrobe Was Drinking (Again)

Wardrobe started wrapping up the season early, which resulted in some scary choices. As per uge. {Clicks pics to enter galleries.}

Pic 1: Cat is wearing a pyjamas bottom, Kamekona-size top and a toy postman bag. The blond lady is wearing a 5yr-old-girl-size bikini bottom and a non-matching little-mermaid top. Also, Steve was wearing clothes. Which is TOTALLY wrong and sooo disconcerting that I had to cut him off this pic.

Pic 2: Kono is wearing a Prairie Girl outfit, complete with riding boots. WTF? Is this Hawaii or Nebraska?

Pic 3: Yakuza guys are wearing a traditional Baddie outfit, including the gelled-hair or no-hair alternative, both accessorised by silver jewellery. Obligatory all-black items accompanied by a Hawaiian shirt on guy on the top. BTW: Is the top bad boy weirdly attractive or it is just me?

When Wardrobe Was (Over)Thinking

Wardrobe thought they were being smart when they were really being silly, which resulted in the Sumo Twins and weird contrasts.

Pic 1: Kamekona is wearing what used to be decorative drapery, on which some student subjected it to batik and converted it into curtains, until it finally became a custom-tailored oversized baby dress.

Pic 2: Kamekona’s clone is fortunately not topless and not wearing a diaper. Unfortunately, he is wearing a geisha wig, which proves that Show recently signed a product placement contract with a wig making company.

Pic 3: Either Kono is sweating in her late autumn fashion…

Pic 4: … or Cat is freezing in her high summer fashion. Or both.

When Wardrobe Was (Somewhat) Sober

Wardrobe experienced rare moments of insight or lucky chance, which resulted in some seriously s.xy choices.

Pic 1: I owe a drink to the person who picked the shirt. Person, call me!!

Pic 2: I owe s.xing favours to the person who’s wearing the shirt. CALL ME!!

Quiz Solution

Remember my quiz questions at the beginning? Here they are answered:

Q: Does Steve wear too much blue? – A: A wrong question. Steve wears too much of anything. It’s Hawaii, let’s go nekkid!

Q: Does Danno look good in grey? – A: A stupid question. H3LL YEAH, betcha he does!!

Q: Do all baddies wear black? – A: A tricky question. On H50, sure. In RL, not so much.

P.S.: I Love You.

Dear Wardrobe, I’m making fun of you, but I love you. Sometimes.


8 thoughts on “H50h 3.22 Fashion Facts: Some Scary, Some Silly, Some Smart

  1. “Q: Does Steve wear too much blue? – A: A wrong question. Steve wears too much of anything. It’s Hawaii, let’s go nekkid!”
    Ps. thank goodness I don´t mind him wearing the blues, that is when they insist on him covering up his hotness. Booooo to wardrobe dep 😦
    Pps. maybe the make-up dep is to be blamed for the over-use of shirts. They are getting stingy with their gecko paint, forcing Steve to wear shirts?


    1. Thx for subscribing to my silly humour! I actually like blue, but not all the time, which is what we’ve been getting a lot recently. Wardrobe AND Make-Up will never stop puzzling me – but poking some good-natured fun at their choices made me feel slightly better now 😉 Not good enough to stop me from urging shirtlessness / pantslessness / clotheslessness, though.


  2. I agree with Paula we do miss a shirtless Steve. They need a better and new make-up dept.Maybe next season.
    Again something to make me laugh.


    1. ^^ Absolutely. ^^ *sad sigh* It’s kind of good that they’re leaving some space for our imagination, but come on, it shouldn’t be ALL left to imagination… Two more episodes to go, so let’s keep our fingers crossed – sure they could squeeze in both serious plot stuff AND shirtless Steve? *crosses fingers*


  3. Veryfunny post, thanks marnov2205 so cool! I like Kono’s “Prairie Girl Outfit” it looked kinda “cool” (I’ve got a girl-crush on Kono)!
    For me the blue is ok, but he def wears to much stuff! I love the tight poloshirts, but no cloths is better for sure, so let’s file a *more-nekkid-McG-reguest” to wardrobe! (But without the cheetos!)


    1. Thx a lot, Buttercup! I actually liked what Kono was wearing, I only found it out of place in Hawaii – especially in contrast with Cat’s bikini! LOL 🙂 Poloshirts are OK with me, at least they have an open neck – plenty of occasion for {fingertwitch} ! “More-nekkid-McG-request” – where do I subscribe?


      1. I liked Kono’s outfit too 😉 ! And the part with Cat’s bikini too, I guess on tv you can wear anything anywhere and nobody would feel it being out of place! Except for us, fangirls, we just look too closely and too sharply and def to many rewatches, hahaha 😆 !
        And finally, to CBS “give-us-some-nekkid-McG-asap-or-we-are-dying-on-our-summerbreak-for-sure” !!! What do you think, was that loud enough or shall I shout again ?


        1. Whaaat? I can’t hear you… J/k! Be careful not cause night noise disturbance 😉 Wardrobe people are silly (no H8), they would make their own job easier if they stopped overclothing people. Or maybe you’re right, maybe Wardrobe is doing an ordinary job but we who don’t watch for the plot (so much) analyse Wardrobe choices too much to pass away time until something more watchworthy is on screen…


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