A Quickie with Smurf Steve’s Daaat Faaace

A quickie stands for a quick post. Obvi. In case you need reasons for a quickie, here they are:

  1. I happened to get drunk. I chanced to get in a don’t-worry-be-happy mood.
  2. I don’t feel like throwing away last week’s remainders. I feel like using some unused last epi’s pics.
  3. I read my photoshopping programme manual and learned nothing. I made a series of deliberate decisions on a hi-tech level and here’s the result. {Click pic to enlaaarge.}
I have a nice warm place where to put daaat faaace. #JustSayin


{I just decided that this be dedicated to Canadagirl66, coz she appeared happy with another pic from the same scene. That is, if a heart-felt exclamation “F*CK… He is so beautiful!!!” is an expression of happiness.}


12 thoughts on “A Quickie with Smurf Steve’s Daaat Faaace

  1. “F*CK… He is so beautiful!!!” is an attitude to life! I’ve got it “smexy smurf” 😉 ! (What now with my love for the green tee?)


    1. “Fck… He’s so beautiful” is my new fav classic quote and yeah, def, it’s an attitude to life! Smexy Smurf, LOL, this would do, too 😉 Well, the green, I still plan to make a green post for you, but it looks like maybe I won’t manage until after the Season’s finale – now I can’t help playing around with the new stuff only…


      1. It wasn’t that I was giving you orders to do a green tee post 😉 ! It was about me and my fondness of the green teeshirt! Because if we go deeper into that smexy smurf stuff I may have to change my fondness to blue! (It’s not that there’s a green smurf, is there? We can’t make up a green-tee-smurf, hahahahah!)


    1. Oh, thank you *blushes* It’s flattering that you chose to take at face value my official interpretation of what was up (an act of artistry and skill) instead of what was actually the case (an act of some wine drinking and some random mouse clicking) 😉


  2. Awww shucka…thanks for the dedication marnov!!!
    You are so right…my ” F*CK…He is so beautiful!!!”exclamation was heart-felt and definitely an expression of happiness…. AND also of lust and longing!!
    …and because you gave me another amazing pic that conjures up all the same feels… I think it bears repeating…
    F-CK…He is so beautiful!!!


    1. “shucka”…WTF! I meant “shucks”…damn…I lose my ability for coherent thought when you throw that FCKN beautiful face at me.

      Not that I blame you…its all HIS fault. FLR!


      1. “Shucka” or “shucks”, had to google the meaning anyway 😉 Thx for teaching me some new slang! (And coz I’m an English literature person, let’s call this professional growth 😉 With a straight face.)


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