H50h 3.22 Facts: What We Knew and What Was New

Steve is a handsome devil. Old news. Danno practises krav-maga. Did you know?

Blue Bunker

Chin confirms that the blue room is really in converted catacombs. McG confirms that smurf lighting makes him particularly pretty. {Click pics to enlarge.}

Non-Caucasians Rock It

Kono confirms that she’s a BAMF. Chin demonstrates that when in Hawaii, your child should not be put in a safety seat but in the car trunk.

Danno Kicks It

Danno confirms that he’s a closeted BAMF. McG seems to approve when he takes Danno’s badge and lets him train his “interrogation” skills.

McG Hits It

McG hits it when he shows his autopsy screensaver to a perp instead of a relative. New! The perp hits it when she shows some authentic shock. New!

Danno Loves You

Danno loves Monkey. Monkey loves Danno. And: Monkey is a cheerleader-in-training. New! Will she cheerlead the FUCUPs?


2 thoughts on “H50h 3.22 Facts: What We Knew and What Was New

  1. I am really jealous of your mind, how come you have so many witty ideas?? Nevertheless I have the benefits of absorbing the pics and I can make some naughty comments 😉 ! You know what, I’d give my entire smurf collection for smurf Steve! BTW if he’s a smurf, how do we call him? Papa smurf is out of question, ’cause we don’t want to see him as a dad, do we? Handy smurf, huh, no too less sexiness! Hefty smurf? Navy smurf or frkn-hot-and-entirely-sexy-smurf (might be a bit too Long) 😆 I have so much fun here, thanks!


    1. No reason to be jealous here – I have no worthwhile ideas of my own, but I’m good at stealing other people’s good ideas! No, I’d certainly not want Steve for a dad either, notatall, though it would make me a whole lot younger… Your Smurf knowledge is admirable – I never knew the English names of them! I’d stick with S.xy Smurf, I think 😉


The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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