A Quickie with H50h 3.23 Steve’s Two Fingers

A quickie is a completely innocent speak for a quick post. Remember that when looking at the nekkid fingers. {Click pic for full size.}

My panties respond to ^^ THIS ^^. #JustSayin

10 thoughts on “A Quickie with H50h 3.23 Steve’s Two Fingers

  1. See every time there is a new word to learn, in this case a new meaning for the word Quickie -my mind sometimes is in the gutter because I really thought that this word had a total different meaning-
    I loved this Quickie- quick post – but I prefer the long ones – long posts of course,


    1. ^^ 🙂 ^^ I myself prefer both long and short, but repeatedly. Speaking of posts, of course. Wait, a “quickie” has another meaning than a “quick post”? It never occurred to me… Joking!


  2. Okay, I’ll just write what we’re all thinking. I know exactly where I want those fingers. They look poised and ready to please. And the thumb is ready to hit the right spot, too. Oh, and that mouth looks ready to follow up. 😉


      1. Your comments simple are getting too much for my *pantasies*, seriously 😉 ! I used to be a pretty faithful wife and devoted mom, and now, look at me, all naugthy by those frkn h** and ***y fingers!


        1. LOL, “pantasies”, a good one 🙂 ! Well, I AM A FAITHFUL wife, and if my NotMcG should think otherwise, he is welcome to challenge my laptop to a fist fight to defend my honour anytime. I don’t think there’s any reasons to be worried, either for us or our dear NotMcGs…


        2. *pantasies* Love that one. I’ll have to remember that…

          My NotMcG understands that I’m still faithful to him except in my mind. And except on any AOL site I find. 🙂


          1. ^^ “Faithful except on any AOL site I find” – LOL 🙂 ^^ As the classic says: I have been faithful to thee, my NotMcG, in my fashion.


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