A Quickie with H50h 1.21 BAMF Steve

This quick post is in celebration of a man who is quick to act. And by act I really mean BAMF. {Click pic for full size.}

^^ THIS ^^ is scary. And by scary I really mean s.xy.

10 thoughts on “A Quickie with H50h 1.21 BAMF Steve

  1. It looks like his fingers are strangely twisted around the gun (uahh, what a Bamf-gun)! Look at what he can do with his fingers, mmh, I love the way he hugs the gun with his fingers, and those arms, I love all about this pic, thanks so much (nice grey btw 😉 )!


    1. Is there any grey in the pic? I never even noticed… Me = LLWL. Glad you enjoy the pic!! I keep on staring on the veins and the cast on the other hand… *stares*


      1. You’re staring at the cast??? Seriously ??? I’m staring at his twisted fingers and I guess they need a cast too! I keep screaming at my screen “Let go!! Let go!! Not so tight!” (the gun I mean 😉 ) ! But he just wouldn’t listen!
        Hahah, the Kamekona-face on the cast, so funny, never noticed before! It looks good though 🙂 !


          1. Those twisted fingers are sort of “supporting” the gun hand too tightly, bothers me a bit but the cast soon made me feel much better again 🙂
            Ps the arm p0rn is quite exellent too…


          2. I admit I never noticed the twisted fingers when I was fiddling with the pic – I must have been distracted by something else. Don’t blame me, blame the Life Ruiner that the subject of the pic is…


  2. Who’s the scooter person in the back 😉 Danny? It looks actually more like Chin but without seeing his season-1-big-gun, who knows!


    1. I LOVE ChinChin, as I do all the other characters on Show, which is why I watch it 🙂 ! Chin is not getting any actual space in this pic, but stay tuned on, I have a pic with McG AND Chin in store for either tomorrow or Monday 😉


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