H50h 3.23 Pic Spam

Click to enter gallery. Find more pics in my recap of the epi starting here.


6 thoughts on “H50h 3.23 Pic Spam

  1. My day really is much better with all those Pic Spam’s! It’s like a Birthday Cake every day: Take some nice pics, put in some witty comments, stir a small amount of time, post it online, and after a few minutes, take out some wonderful FUCUP-comments out of the “oven”! 😆


  2. Great hilarious captions Marnov! 🙂
    sorry I have been absent for a while, my work and kitty duties are interrupting my AOL duties 😦


    1. Thanks a lot!! Now, if I get it right that you’re not fond of kids but love cats, then I seriously don’t understand why I didn’t marry you instead of my NotMcG. Proud parents say about their kids that they’re the best that happened to them – I say this about my two cats. Hope you work duties will get easier on you soon!


        1. I LOVE to hear that – I positively squee when I see a kitty pic or even a living walking cat. I run when I see a baby. Run away, that is. Most people think I’m really seriously disturbed. And so do I…

          I’m really happy Lion is a nice-looking baby. That makes it somewhat easier.


The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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