H50h 3.23 Sardonic Facts: Coz It’s All about the Plot *Cough*

Here’s a collection of random *cough* plot-centred *cough* thoughts and screencaps. When I cough this much, it means that: 1) I’m being sardonic, 2) I forgot to take my whooping cough medication. *cough cough*

Sardonic Fashion

The most recent instalment of Kono the Prairie Girl features a Dressed-Up-to-the-Nines top combined with a Dressed-to-Kill-(Literally) bottom. {Clicks pics to enter galleries.}

Pic 1: Kono is standing over a grave and wondering if what she’s wearing is or is not a fashion suicide.

Pic 2: A smart special occasion white blouse is worn with a black sports bra. I’m non-sardonically sure this is the latest fashion and as a timid dresser I’m appalled.

Pic 3: Kono’s multipurpose pants are made up of camo-patterned patches, blue-leopard-patterned patches and bleach-batik-patterned patches. Her rubber boots come complete with a knife.

Sardonic Faaaces

Who would have thought that interrogating a Yakuza gent is so much fun for everyone?

Pic 1: Chin’s faaace!! Also, Danno’s OMG-Bless-the-Wire-Net-for-Coming-between-Me-and-the-Yakuza-Sportsman Face. On second thought, it’s more Wish-It-Were-a-Barb-Wire-Instead-of-a-Wire-Net Face.

Pic 2: Michael is a classic example of the Yakuza being essentially a bunch of harmless goofy guys. See his sincere smile? *cough cough cough*

Sardonic Shirt Effects

The wardrobe people were so busy wrapping up the season that they didn’t make it to the set at all. Which explains why McG is wearing the exact same blue shirt as in the previous epi.

Pic 1: The camera people kept on putting Steve in front of green backdrops to make us believe the shirt is really green. The trick works well with the palms here.

Pic 2: But the trick doesn’t work with the green tiles here. Which is where an anonymous lady in an unknown function on the set steps in and asks Steve to unbutton his collar. This distraction works fine.

Sardonic Lighting Effects

The lighting people learned bad habits from the wardrobe people and started drinking while working. Which is what I do all the time but I can handle it *cough and hiccup*.

Pic 1: When make-up, wardrobe and lighting unite, what happens is a walking dead Doris. Moral: green light is not good for the skin.

Pic 2: Lighting people took an excursion to a red lamp district and liked it so much that they tried it on the set. Moral: red light is not good for the skin either.


4 thoughts on “H50h 3.23 Sardonic Facts: Coz It’s All about the Plot *Cough*

  1. Chin’s face is adorable (I guess that was before the “cousin-joke” took place!) and I didn’t notice Steve wearing the same shirt, but now it comes to my mind, that he hasn’t been wearing polo’s lately 😦 ! I ilove them!


    1. Chin pulls some nice faces for reals 😉 This one actually happens after Michael knockouts the guy in the boxer ring. You didn’t notice Steve was wearing the same shirt? He was! It totally annoyed me… Dunno why, but I like a change when it comes to clothes – that is, as long as clothes are deemed necessary.


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