H50h 3.23 Seeerious Facts: Sardonically and (Slightly) Morbidly

Is it just me or was this epi set on the day when the H50hs were just like us? Coz:

  1. Danno got c0ckblocked.
  2. Kono got shot in the belly (but she doesn’t really have one).
  3. Doris got caught in the act.
  4. No one got booked and the COTW was not solved.

Exactly what my day would look like if I were an H50h.

Fact #1: H50hs on a Graveyard Field Trip

The COTW (= Corpse of the Week) is found in a grave. Which is a convenient solution. (Am I being morbid?)

Pic 1: Hold on, a corpse is coming! (Still morbid?) Steve holds on his badge, Danno holds on his gun, Chin holds on his thigh and Kono holds on her a$$ (but she doesn’t really have one).

Pic 2: Marx finds an extra finger. This leaves me unimpressed. For I have 11 fingers, too. Look: counting 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 on the right hand plus 5 on the left hand makes it 11. See?

Fact #2: McG & Danno Oversharing

Surprise no. 1: McG has tired of running from Danno and started sharing with him. Surprise no. 2: McMom is a seeerious criminal who used a public Wi-Fi spot for hacking an FBI database instead of watching kitty vids on Youtube.

Pic 1: McG thinks: You might need to book my mom, Danno.

Pic 2: Danno thinks: You might need to remove your shirt, Steve. Methinks: Yes, please!

Fact #3: Adam & Kono Failing to Share

An H50h and a Yakuza is a match made in heaven. Dun dun dun duuuuuun!

Pic 1: The awkward moment when Adam finds out Kono is cheating on him with his twin. With his twin cell, that is.

Pic 2: The awkward moment when Kono finds out that we found her out. Kono is Boomer, Boomer is a Cylon and Battlestar Galactica is not forgotten. #CylonAndProud

Fact #4: He-McG and She-McG Fighting

McSon gets seriously upset that McMom stopped doing majik tricks and making sandwich treats for him. Trick or treat?


Pic 2: She-McG: Sonny, my majik cards died in a car accident…

Fact #5: The FUCUPs FOY Spotting

The FOY is a seeerious business, y’all!! Let me remind you that the ultimate goal of the FUCUPs is to freee the FOY. But meanwhile, let’s go FOY spotting.

Pic 1: McG-Spot is shielding the FOY from the FUCUPs staring.

Pic 2: Hail thee, camerawoman!! May you live long and prosper! (Say what you will, I don’t believe >> THIS >> shot was taken by a man.)


6 thoughts on “H50h 3.23 Seeerious Facts: Sardonically and (Slightly) Morbidly

  1. “book my mom” hahah 😆 that be the day of my life, Steve would say “book her Danno!” with his* angry-at-mom-because-her-bologna-sandwiches-don’t-taste-as-good-as-they-used-to-face* 😉 !


      1. I have to check on that fried-bolognia-sandwich! I even did a LocoMoco for my kids when I started to watch H5O (remember Steve bought those for Agent kensi blythe and John White in a epi, where he was wearing a wonderful and utterly gorgeous blue Shirt and his eyes were glowing …, uhh, where was I?) Ah, the LocoMoco, I made it after I watched a man cooking it on YouTube.com! But my kids didn’t really like the gravy 😦 so they picked out the egg, rice and hamburger (spoiled brat!!) I mean, seriously, who doesn’t like hawaiian food? (btw, I didn’t like the gravy either)


        1. Wow, you’re cool!! That’s exactly what Show meant, to promote Hawaiian culture, among other things, including the cuisine! Unfortunately, this message didn’t get though to me yet, so thanks for the tip, I think I’ll need to try cooking something Hawaiian, too! (I may be content just with “cooking” a puka dog, though.)


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