A Quickie with H50h 1.22 Pretty Steve

A quick post called so coz one quick look is enough to tell that S1 Steve is seriously too pretty to bear. {Click pic for full size.}

^^ THIS ^^ is breathtaking. Please pass me the deFOYbrillator before I pass out.

12 thoughts on “A Quickie with H50h 1.22 Pretty Steve

    1. Mine too, kind of – except S1 Steve seems to me sooo indecently pretty that it hurts my eyes and I sometimes wish he were uglier, so that it would be more of a challenge to love him. If that makes any sense 😉


  1. So odd that now I look at so 1 pics and constantly am wondering how skinny he was back then. I think so 3 got me used to his big gun look already 🙂


    1. His appearance is clearly changing a lot throughout all the three series. I too sometimes wonder about the line between just lean and too thin, but I guess as long as he is healthy, I’m fine with what I’m getting. It’s not like that I gave it any thought or something. *cough*


  2. Season 1 Steve was the best, not hair color, not too much blue shirts, and few shirtless episodes and some uniforms! 🙂 I enjoyed it.
    Season 3 Steve, hair color changes, lots of blue, and twice in uniform, and how many shirtless?? But we also get some more McRoll and that I like! 🙂


    1. You pinpointed the best things about S1 perfectly 🙂 ! I think all the seasons can be enjoyed for their reasons (well, not ALL of S2, obvi, but some of it, too) and I’m excited like a 12yr old what S4 will be like! Maybe Show will have a moment of insight and stop messing with the hair colour and start removing the shirt (and/or pants) on a regular basis 😉 *fingers crossed*


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