H50hs Classic Pic(k)s: Why Are Your Lips Moving?

When two or more adult men can’t settle a dispute, they have a civilised conversation. J/k!!

When adult men all caps disagree, they have a cock-off. Which is basically a street fight (two men involved) or a civil riot (more men involved).

When a manly masculine handsome devil man and his humorous sidekick differ, they have a cargument. Which is practically a mature dialogue an immature monologue of one, during which the other is banned from speaking. ˅˅ See? {Click to enlarge.} ˅˅

My lips are not moving but I’m talking to you with daaat faaace.

Cultural Sidenote

{It just occurred to me that Eve Ensler must have got the idea for The Vagina Monologues while going in a car with McG. I can totally see it and hear it. My lady parts too have their rants when exposed to the handsome devil. OK, “exposed” sadly isn’t the exact word, but y’know what I mean, right?}


8 thoughts on “H50hs Classic Pic(k)s: Why Are Your Lips Moving?

  1. The carguments in Season 1 were Great, I miss them. And now I’m going to be mean but its what I feel- please don’t shoot me – in this season Danny has become increasingly annoying for me, and there were some eps that I just saw because of Steve and the others. For me he is not funny anymore, his character grates on my nerves.
    I didn’t mean to offend anyone its just a rant.


    1. Having recently watched so 1 first episodes, seeing the angry Danny, that´s the character I really hate to see. I´m glad we got that cargument in so 1 gagreel when they both cracked up laughing because Scott couldn´t get his line right. It made me feel a bit better about him.


      1. Yeah, Danny is sometimes scary, but strangely enough, I have much love for him. I love outsiders 🙂 The gagreel was really very humanising, it pointed out the differences between the characters and the actors who incorporate them. *off to rewatch the gagreel*


    2. Oh don’t worry, no one’s going to shoot you (I think 🙂 )! We haven’t been getting much carguments lately, true. I have a soft spot for Danny coz I’m really a grumpy person very much like him – now, hope no one is going to shoot me! Maybe there will be some interesting development for Danno with Gabby, she could maybe make him more bearable, right?


    1. “Wonderful ouch”, yes!! Still wondering why poor McG keeps on biting his lips when surely there are consenting volunteers who’d gladly do it for him. *raises hand*


  2. Oh the face that comes after that cargument.. WOW!! I should change my avatar! 🙂 Thanks!
    Love the definitions up above.. LOL!!


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