A Quickie with H50h 3.24 McRoll

This quick pic post may mean Bye-Bye Season 3, but also Hello Season 4. I’ll take the second. (And one Steve to take away, please. Cat may join us later. #justsuggestin)

Don’t be sad. You’re coming back. And so are my panties. #maybe

10 thoughts on “A Quickie with H50h 3.24 McRoll

  1. I’m so sad the last ep is done! I’m done too! I might as well sleep for the next 3months! And the weather sucks too! The only thing that doesn’t annoy me today is fabulous Steve with his emotional eyes 😦 ! Thanks!


    1. I’m sad that you’re sad 😦 But I’m weirdly glad for the break, cause the actors and me as well need it badly. Most of the regular actors looked to me exhausted in the finale. Christine Lahti, to name one, looked to me positively sick. But we all should recuperate during the summer Three Rivers rewatch, right 😉 ?


  2. I’m sad too, but again Alex and Christine were amazing, they work perfectly together and that give us many emotional scenes. Its going to be a long summer and this spring is just …stupid weather..one day is raining, windy and cold and the next day is warm.. But one thing is sure we have this place to see Pretee and to laugh and of course the 3 Rivers re-watch for u. for me its the 1st time as well as Moonlight that were were shown in Portugal.


    1. ^^ “Alex and Christine were amazing” ^^ they were!! I assure you there’s weird weather everywhere, as far as I can tell, so we must unite and get over it with some prettteee Dr Andy 🙂 !


  3. I’m recovering 😉 and after watching 3.24 today, I’ve got to admit that I’m looking forward to some jealous Steve, as far as I can remember when never had jealous Steve 😆 (Cath never challenged him 😉 ) but now with this also tall guy showing up, mhhh, who knows! I really hope it’s only jealousy and not cheating (from her side!)! Omg, now I can’t stop thinking about jealous Steve! My day is getting better and better!


    1. Steve doesn’t need to be jealous cause he has the FOY and come on, who else does? But I’m interested if this plot line will be developed later… Except that it could be too much for Steve to bear – having a cheat for a mom AND for a girlfriend, too 😉


  4. From what I saw Cath and the scooter from Knight Ryder had a thing during a break up in her relationship with Steve but he has no reasons to be jealous. The scooter may be vute but he is no STEVE/FOY,


    1. ^^ Exactly!! ^^ Oh, and it was a scooter from Knight Ryder? Hm, will have to check on this, it was my favourite series when I was a kid (and when this series finally made its way to my backwater country, which was about a quadrillion years after it was shot).


      1. Its from the new show not the old one with the guy from….Baywatch. And for me its a scooter because in both shows my fav is KITT.
        And my Top 7 fav ep is completed.


        1. Oh, I see now, thanks for the clarica! That explains why I didn’t know, for I never even noticed Knight Ryder was rebooted. Congratulations on completing your Top 7 🙂 !


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