H50h 1.03 Animated (Mostly)

Rumour has it that there was plot in this epi. I can’t rule it out, but I never noticed any such distraction. What I did notice was a load of prettteee, much funny and some seeerious.

Daaat Prettteee Faaace *Dreamy Sigh*

A scene from the life of BFFs. Pic 1: McG licks his lips, arches his eyebrows into a suggestive shape and says: “Yay!!” Pic 2: Danno makes a constipated face, attempts to smooth his pompadour and whines: “Nay!!” This is before Danno discovers that the H50hs are not a democracy but a benevolent dictatorship.

Danno the Powder Keg *Runs and Ducks*

Danno has absolutely no control issues. *cough* But don’t let him near open fire. Gif 1: Danno plays ping pong with Monkey’s head. This is child cruelty and animal cruelty in a single strike. Gif 2: Danno tries to smash the sh!t and RachHell’s lawyer out of his cell. This is the last epi in which he drives. #forreasons

Sharks and Such Scenic Spots (Play Jaws!)

Pic 1: Seals love the sea, and so does McSeal, who loves everything anyway. Pic 2: Epic hairstyles don’t like the sea, and neither does Danno, who loves nothing anyway. Danno thinks: My hair just died a little. McG thinks: Nope, Danno, your eyebrow job is nowhere near as effective as mine. Methinks: If they fall overboard, they’ll have to lose the wet clothes, right?

Of Mice Chicks and Men *Yummy*

Gif 1: Danno forgets all about Monkeys when Chicks are in view. McG remembers: “Why pass when you can run,” and accelerates instead of passing to Danno. Gif 2: McG leaves Danno alone for 3 minutes, during which Danno discovers the pleasures of being undercover. And so does Kono. Hopefully, coz otherwise it would be a waste of a good kiss.

Bad A$$ Chin (BAMFFFFFF!!)

Chin has a weird family who ostracises him. I also have a weird family and I wish they ostracised me. Pic 1: Chin confronts his relative, who refuses to confront him. The relative’s spite is so intense that is turns the Blue Room to green. See? Pic 2: Chin pulls out his big gun and saves said relative’s a$$. The relative doesn’t say thanks coz he doesn’t speak to Chin. Weird family, like I say.


4 thoughts on “H50h 1.03 Animated (Mostly)

  1. These are great! Such funny descriptions, too! Love how the relative’s spite is so intense it turns the blue room green. LOL! And I love that GIF of Danny smashing the phone and sticking his tongue out. Tongue porn! I could so help him channel that anger into a more productive activity. 😉

    Thanks for the smiles today!


    1. Oh, thanks so much, I’m really glad you like it cause I was thinking of you when doing this post – it so happened that this was an epi where Danno had a lot of fine moments, so I made more Danno gifs this time. Danno’s tongue is mesmerising indeed – in the car scene as much in the Kono scene 😉


    1. Thanks a lot!! Then maybe you’ll be glad to hear that I plan to do pic and gif posts like this on all of Season 1 – but I’m quite slow, I only got so far as to 1.03 now 😦 It’s a great season and I have much love for it myself.


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