H50h 3.24 Facts: Some Sardonic, Some Scary, Some Suggestive

This post is a tribute to Danno’s pompadour, McG’s buzz cut and a random perp’s beautiful hair colour highlights. 

Sardonic: WhatsThatWithYourHair Situations

Pic 1: See how McG’s hair creates a halo around his head? It brings to my mind the image of a god with an olive wreath around his head.

Pic 2: I always suspected that Steve OhMcG (Oh My God) is the last living Greek god.

Pic 3: Danno’s pompadour has a criminal mind. It decided to run loose on its wearer’s nape.

Pic 4: Is Danno’s pompadour imitating Steve’s trademark neck curl?

Pic 5: Do I gather that Latin American mobsters prefer colour highlights for their hair?

Pic 6: Speaking about hair situations, for the record: Danno’s chest hair situation seems satisfactory. Check it out.

Sardonic and Scary: Kono’s Sophie’s Choices

Pics 1 to 4: Kono faces a series of seeerious choices. She’s choosing between fugly footwear, Adam and Fong. Which is she taking? To be continued in the next season!

The-True-Story-of-the-Shoes Sidebar: Pic 2 is from a newsletter that I got as a punishment for supporting domestic economy and shopping for shoes at Baťa. Seeing their latest collection, I can see now why domestic economy is going to the dogs. We produce the world’s fugliest footwear.

Scary and Scarier: Mugshots and Blue-X-Rays

Pics 1 and 2: Woahfat has been out in the sun too much recently. At least now he knows he burns easily. Ergo, when Steve offers him a sunlit yard, it’s really just a form of torture.

Pic 3 and 4: Whatyacall the geek thing that makes you appear blue, x-rays you and ought to be X-rated for the gory images that it then spits out? Blue-X-Ray?

Suggestive: WhatsThatPose Situations

Pic 1: Danno is about to slap McG’s a$$. I approve. Can I be next, please?

Pic 2: This scene takes place 3 seconds later, hence I refuse even to speculate what McG means with his finger here.

Pic 3: The moment that I stop asking stupidly WhatsThatPose and decide wisely I’m having one of each, please and thanks.

Pic 4: I hate the pants but they have their moments. *cough* {Be advised to enlarge this.}

Pic 5: You mean twice? All right, we’re on the same page.

Pic 6: You mean the FOY? Yep, still on the same page.


6 thoughts on “H50h 3.24 Facts: Some Sardonic, Some Scary, Some Suggestive

  1. Trademark neck curl of hair! I’ve always loved Steve’s, but I’m sad to say I didn’t notice Danny’s until you pointed it out!

    Danny’s chest hair. ajfdsl;ur aiewojfklsdjfkldash l;gkasd;


    1. You’re welcome!! I knew you’d love Danno’s unbuttoned shirt, this one was targeted specifically at you 🙂 (< see my use of “targeted”, the H50h most overused word?)


        1. A good one!! You literally made me LOL 😆 Not that I know how to LOL non-literally, but I’m putting to (ab)use another word heavily overused on H50h 😉 And, you are clearly much smarter than me, the proof is your today’s Monday Magic *off to look at it again*…


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