More H50h 3.24 Facts: Who Is What to Whom, and Other Issues

Good. I’m perfectly normal. The H50hs have issues too!

H50h versus HPD C0ck-Offs

A good way of starting the day McG-styles can be a car chase followed by a c0ck-off. Be ready for lots of arm waving, finger pointing and possibly grappling. (You do remember what happened in the pilot when Danno dared to put his finger in McG’s face :mad:? Look here!)

Tough Choices *Cough*

Imagine it’s your work-time, you’re strolling casually in a park and chatting to your BF on the phone. As you’re passing some real cool work of art (see the scooter sculpture behind Cat?), another work of art attracts your attention. A consenting adult man in uniform! Cat has a hard choice: take this one, who has uniform, or the other one, who has uniform and the FOY? I’d love to imagine that :cool:!

Non-Caucasian Questions

The non-Caucasian character constellation makes me wonder: why is that H50h doesn’t employ ethnic Hawaiians? When the h3ll will someone find out that Kono has three Cs, which are: non-Caucasian, Canadian and Cylon? Also, will Fong get a steak when he does Kono a favour? But mainly, does Kono’s idea of a good friend involve him being killered dead dead dead for her sake :cry:?

Plot Issues

At this point I totally forgot there was a COTW plot :oops:. So I’m throwing in McDanno on a crime scene.

For Reasons, No Issues

All of the reasons can be clicked and enlarged. Now discuss: Would you take a bullet if daaat faaace were the last thing you see? Also, should gay couples be allowed to adopt children? And, how did this get here :eek:?

To Leis, Chickens and Happy Endings

“I thought we had a thing,” explains Danno his surprise when Gabby trades him for a tenure. “I don’t know what I was thinking,” is Gabby’s clever response to all possible questions. Such as what happened to her tenure, how she broke in Danno’s house and also, what about the chickens :shock:? That’s what Chin’s wondering about here.

Moral for Gabby: Stop thinking things and start doing them. Moral for Danno: Be advised that your lady needs a lei now. Moral for all: Let’s drink to many happy endings to come :wink:!


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