H50h Random Fun: It’s Not What It Looks Like! Or Is It…? [Part 1]

The following positions are surely totally innocent. *cough*

Workplace Harassment

If dear McG had the poor luck of being my co-worker, I’d be harassed by him on a daily basis. At least that would be my official version of events, y’know. *looks around innocently*

Confuzzled Scripts

Pic 1: Scriptwriters occasionally confuse H50h with Star Trek and spatiotemporal disruptions ensue. Pic 2: Wardrobe people regularly confuse H50h with Weeds and hallucinatory wardrobe choices occur.

Weird Weapon Choices

Pic 1: Danno’s tongue seems to be his first choice of weapon. On all levels. *cough* I approve. Pic 2: McG feels it necessary to set my panties on fire literally. That I call a cruel and unusual overkill.

Full Means and Immunity

Pic 1: McG erroneously thinks that his means reside in his badge. (Nope, honey. They reside in your pants.) Pic 2: McG erroneously thinks that he has immunity against exploding buildings. (Neither that, dear. But the FOY will heal you.)

Not What It Looks

If this is not what it looks, then I must have missed a crucial piece of information in my life. Or in my biology classes.



2 thoughts on “H50h Random Fun: It’s Not What It Looks Like! Or Is It…? [Part 1]

  1. You captured so many of my favourite scenes in this post (not to mention the funny comments 😆 ! I’m still recovering)
    #1 The funny face Steve pulls when he comes back smelling fishy is so adorable, he didn’t smile from the heart very often in s1! And Kono and Steve alone, that’s always cool! I love it when she calls him “Boss”, she must be a real “NCIS-Fan”!
    #2 Steve in blue is always FTW and add some orange, bwuahhh, back in s1 the life vestes were orange 😉 and huge!
    #3 Danny FTW! He’s so ….., it hurts!
    #4 Full means in blue shirt, go Steve-gooooo (and come to me 😉 )
    #5 Nice match (pics, I mean) and I’d love to see Rachel back, I liked her british english (and who’s your friend with the luggage, hahahahah)!


    1. Glad you like it!! Steve in blue shirts may be prettteee, but I do think he’d be helluva prettier without shirts. Justsayin. I won’t even begin to mention Danno’s tongue, which looks like a nice flexible tool. Justsayintoo. Ooh, and RachHell, one of my favourites – because she’s the only on H50h who caters to my desire to listen to BBC English. Second best to Australian English, obvi 😉


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