H50h Random Fun: It’s Not What It Looks Like! Or Is It…? [Part 2]

A mixture of S.x Bootcamp McG Styles workouts follows.

Workplace Intimacies

McG can’t help himself and keeps on giving everyone and everything within a 1mile perimeter his eyes.xing “I-Wannna-Hug-It-with-My-Thighs” Look. (Yep. My thighs feel the same about you, love. #justsayin)

Weird Workouts

Pic 1: This is where the phrase “bench workout” gains wholly new dimensions. With minor adjustments, I could make this position work. Still speaking about workout, of course. Pic 2: This is notatall funny coz it’s exactly what I do allthetime. #badback

New Kind of Cops

The H50hs are the new kind of cops who play good cop/bad cop minus the good cop. Pic 1: My wet dreams come true! Danno approves: see his thumb up? Pic 2: Bad A$$ Chin looks like he’s about to beat the perp up, McG looks like he’s about to read his papers, and none of this actually happens.

Oops Happens

The awkward moments when the H50hs are just like us… Pic 1: The Team is having a casual chat when they notice Danno is dead. (Or nearly so.) Pic 2: McG hands the perp an unpaid parking ticket and Chin proceeds to shoot the perp for said offence on the spot. (Or nearly so.)


11 thoughts on “H50h Random Fun: It’s Not What It Looks Like! Or Is It…? [Part 2]

    1. We may need to kidnapper Cath to get the camp’s GPS coordinates. J/k… On an unrelated note, I LOVE that you use € to blur s€x!! Euro for the win!!


  1. Ha ha ha, “Kamekona and the FOY”, all I can see are McG’s BLUE.SHIRT and TAN.CARGOS and ALL.THAT.COMES.WITH (arms, bizeps, @** (not exactly all of it)!)
    Chin and Steve are a frkn hot match too, Chin with baseball bat, “don’t mess with him” 😆


    1. Oh I’d love to mess with them, Steve first though, if only to see what happens 😉 I’m a curious person and I always loved camps. S€x boot camps, that is. P.S. You forgot the FOY in your list of what comes with the cargos! Now, I go to get my mind out of the gutter. *off*


  2. Everyone stares at the FOY. It’s commanding. 🙂

    BTW…if you have a bad back, bending over to touch your toes is one of the worst things you can do for it. It puts undue pressure on the discs in your back. An option is to sit on the floor, legs straight and bend towards your toes. It’s about leverage vs gravity. That was told to me by 2 different physical therapists. Just looking out for my friends..


    1. Haha, thanks, and were would that put Steve and Chin? Next to you, on the floor, to your left and one to your right, hahah, just babbling around silly stuff 😆 !


    2. OMG, you’re scaring me… No, really, I will take your advice. Except it’s of course more convenient to do the bending while standing when on the go – and now I’m giggling inappropriately as I’m trying to visualise Danno (and then myself) doing this exercise in the park. Thanks for taking care!


The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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