A Quickie with H50h 1.18 Smiley Steve

If ˅˅ THIS ˅˅ is Steve’s standard response to a table invitation, then I have a bed invitation for him – if only to see his faaaaaace.

Be my guest. Make yourself at home. Bedroom is >> this way >>.

10 thoughts on “A Quickie with H50h 1.18 Smiley Steve

          1. Well, it’s about YOU of course. I meant when it comes to characters on The Show, it’s all about Steve and Danny, too. 😀


          2. Ok, it’s about me AND Steve AND Danno. Sounds nice to me 😛 . Also, it’s maybe not wise of you to feed a self-centred person’s ego 😯 … *off to pamper her ego*


  1. Just to see his smile, yeah sure, I love that in the morning *stares for minutes at Steve smiling* then I start my day! Grey and blue shirt in one, smexy smile, perfect hair, OMcG you’re such a cute creature (double *C* 😆 ) 😉 !


    1. I’m pleased to please! Grey shirt, what, where…? *minutes later* Aha, I just got beyond the smile to the clothes 🙂

      The hair looks very good indeed; rather too good and in need of some ruffling 😉 I volunteer. That’s how generous and helpful I am 🙂 .


  2. A smiling steve its a great way to start the day. I have seen all yr previous posts but RL has been really busy and I have an important translation to finish but I will try to make comments because I really love this place.


    1. A smiling Steve is good in the morning as much as in the evening 😉 … No innuendo intended. (?)

      You tell me! I’ve been so busy in RL proofreading a book that I hardly had the time to come to my own blog 😮 . I finally got rid of the book now and hope to get down to making some posts 😀 !

      You’re welcome here anytime you have the time 🙂 !


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