A Quickie with H50h 1.15 Steve and a Tongan Pirate Zombie

As I’m posting this, my cell is ringing. I’m positive it’s Steve calling to offer himself in exchange for info on a case. I call it a deal. Coz I know it all.

Steve is in the port, so it must be about the pirate case. When in doubt, blame it on a Tongan Pirate Zombie.  That’s what Danno does, check it out here.

I’ll keep you posted about how it went. If I’m not back, the zombie returned with vengeance.  Coz Steve believes in Tongan Pirate Zombies, and so do I.

Danno: We’re dealing with a Tongan Pirate Zombie. – Steve: It’s possible.


In case you missed the web link above, be advised that anything funny about this story was plagiarised from inspired by Rocksfan, who tells the story here.


6 thoughts on “A Quickie with H50h 1.15 Steve and a Tongan Pirate Zombie

    1. As I said, if anything is funny about this, it’s your original idea 🙂 . I think you started my new obsession with zombies 😯 .

      Steve hasn’t made his appearance yet, but I’m patiently waiting on my phone… *waiting*

      *still waiting*


  1. Funny 😆 Danny and Steve ! You just have to love those two together changing from sad/angry to funny/humorous in seconds! In this Pirate Episode Steve was wearing a blue shirt and tan cargos, yummy, another reason to love that ep 😉 !


    1. I’m a great fan of McG and Danno together! Or individually 😉 Wow, you actually remember what McG was wearing in the pirate epi?! You’re such a McNerd 😎 I wouldn’t remember even if you threated me with a Tongan pirate zombie…


      1. I checked the story on Ohana (your link!), that’s where I saw the shirt and pants 😉 ! I’m good, but I’m not that good, ha ha ! (You could make a McG quiz and we guess what he was wearing, ha ha!)


        1. Ha, so that’s how you know! I’m trying to imagine the quiz that you suggest for season 3: the universal answer for all of the episodes would be “blue shirt”. S3 Wardrobe is a topic I feel strongly about 😮 … I’m very likely to poke more fun at them for their crimes. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion, I’ll give it a thought!


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