A Quickie with H50h 2.14 Steve and Boys’ Toys

Steve loves toys for boys. I’m a fine toy for the boy’s FOY. FOY, CALL ME and we shall enjoy! (<< This << possibly doesn’t make sense. BUT it rhymes!!)

When you’re done, come do me. (Does << this << make sense? It does to me.)

9 thoughts on “A Quickie with H50h 2.14 Steve and Boys’ Toys

  1. What comes to my mind with “come to me” is Steve in that FightClub ep, “wanna hit someone, come to me!! Booom!” But with this one, I can understand you perfectly 😉 ! *come* goes with Steve in any ways 😆 ! Thanks, I love your Quickies!


  2. True, *come* and Steve kind of go together 😉 ! And so do FOY and toy, for example. I think I just got an idea for a new association word game… Wouldn’t be one very suitable for children, though 😀 .


        1. Smiles AND SEALs expert, obvi 🙂 . Maybe STEVE EXPERT would cover it all? About big guns, I kind of suspected it, I immediately recalled #4 sticker on your blog page “That’s Me” – I said before that I LOVE this particular page – that’s the pic of the lady holding a real big gun 😎 . The wrong kind of *gun*, though.


          1. “The wrong kind of *gun*” <<<< *rotflmao*
            But I really love big guns *lol* It's kinda sexy… Maybe that's the reason I love SEALs movies…


          2. I love “big guns” too, especially the “uniformed” ones 😆 (I mean the arms, seriously, the arm guns 😉 ) !!! A man with meat, yummy!


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