H50h 1.04 Facts: Nice, Naughty and Trekkie

This was the epi with the best plot EVER. Danno took off his pants, Steve took off his shirt and my panties took off to Hawaii. All this in under 43 min.

There Is Something about Mary

Steve confuses his sis with a dog, on which she erroneously goes bow-wow instead of rawrrr. Then Steve confuses Kamekona with a dog and orders him to guard Mary, on which KK drools at Mary like she’s a juicy bone. All the while I’m purring rawrrr and staring at Steve like he’s the handsome devil that he is 😈 .

The FOY First, Danny!

The FOY leads the way while Danno and his stick are humorously sidekicking behind. Danno is starving, chewing on a toothpick and waiting for his pancake order in the morning. Unluckily, he placed the order with a waitress who is a suspect and whom McG is giving his “You’ll-Tell-Us-All” Face 😡 .

Beam Me Up, Cat!

The Trekkie in me is delightfully tickled by the fact that Cat serves aboard USS Enterprise. Never mind it’s deployed in the Persian Gulf instead of the Delta Quadrant, home to the Borg Collective. The Borg are like the FUCUP, that’s why the FUCUP love the Borg. Where was I? Here: Cat is smiling coz she’s visualising assimilating the FOY 😛 .

McChin: Better Together

McG’s idea of a fun day is waving down a helicopter, crash-landing it in the jungle and getting dirty while pursuing a perp. Chinchin, the enabler that is he, enables this. Steve loves to play with his cyclic stick – get your mind out of the gutter and be enlightened here. This kind of stick is perfectly nice and notatall naughty, see 😎 ?

(Double) Packed Lunch Offer

Seeerious Steve turns smiley, which makes me melt. Aaww… Smiley Steve makes Mary smile, which conjures a rainbow in front of her face. Aaawww… Steve produces double packed lunch, the one in the bag and the other in his pants, which is such a cruel and unusual punishment for my panties that I’m DYING, dead, deader, gone. RIP 😥 .


10 thoughts on “H50h 1.04 Facts: Nice, Naughty and Trekkie

  1. ” smiling coz she’s visualising assimilating the FOY ” Okay, um.. I can’t continue after reading that line. I um.. *melt*


  2. I just love to see ChinChin and Steve together. They are the best and I hope to see much more of those 2 next season.
    I bet that “warp speed” line from Max in the 1st ep of S2 made u smile as well as his license plate.
    The Foy always make my day !


    1. McChin FTW!!

      The FOY always makes everyone’s day!! It was designed so 😛 .

      Everything about Max makes me smile, he’s such an adorkable fellow Trekkie and fellow geek 🙂 !


  3. That is one big packed lunch! He must be hungry! 😉 😉 😉

    I will officially volunteer to make pancakes for Danny every day!!! Me! Pick me!


    1. Bigger = better 😀 .

      You should start with the pancakes now, Danno looks like he’s about to chew and swallow the toothpick out of sheer despair. If you need a helping hand (either with the pancakes or with Danno), you know where you’ll find me 😀 …


  4. Ahhh, another great post and so many great memories 😆 !
    I love Steve’s <> and right before that he pulls back the chair for the lady-suspect and rubs his fingers nonchalantly over his mouth, that’s one of his “moves” that kills me everytime I watch, frkn hot nonchalantly moves and it drives us crazy 😉 !
    The FOY has the same color as the packed lunch, ha ha, tan for the win!


  5. True, the two packed lunches colour coordinate with each other! I never realised that 😀 , guess I was distracted 😛 … Steve’s facial expressions ^^ are amazing, nuff said.


The FUCUPs that perv together stay together. Let’s!

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