H50hs Classic Quotes: 1.04 Aneurism-Face

Danno: Why do you have aneurism-face?

Steve: I don’t have aneurism-face.

Danno: She gave you aneurism-face?

Steve: How many times can you ask me the same question?

Danno: You gotta seek first to understand, then to be understood.

Steve: I will literally pay you cash to stop talking, okay?

*jumping in* Me: Okay, let’s go play (and you don’t need to pay, it’s a free ride).

Danno’s seeking-face. – Steve’s aneurism-face.

18 thoughts on “H50hs Classic Quotes: 1.04 Aneurism-Face

  1. I totally agree with Steve, specially this season. There were too many times that i felt the same about Det. Williams.
    Love all Steve’s expressions.


        1. We need Danno, Max said something like he’s “McGarretts humorous side-kick” (or something like that) ! I remember that scene (2.01) when Danny enters Max’s home and starts screaming at Steve, ahhh that Steve-face, so gorgeous! If we didn’t have Danno, we wouldn’t have all those open-mouthed “oh” faces, all that eyebrow-perving, and those eyes, those fantastic eyes glaring at Danno 😀 !


          1. Yes, absolutely!! 😎 Commander McGarrett’s humorous sidekick, you remember it right. I guess all of Max’s non-medical quotes are classics – such an adorkable creature that he is! I love Marx and it seems that I love about everyone on Show 😎 …


  2. I love it when they have their “aneurism-face-discussion” 😆 Danno never fails to make Steve do all those gorgeous faces, no matter how annoying he (Danno) acts! (and he does act “passiv-agressive” – no “agressive agressive”, was it? 😉 jeez, I miss Rachel ! )


    1. Their faaaces are epic! Yes, RachHell and Danno being aggressive-aggressive, I vaguely remember the scene and I miss Rachel too, since I always love characters that nobody else seems to love 😀 …


        1. I’m sure to post me some Rachel later when I get down to the episodes where she’s in. But now I’m only at 1.05 – a looong way to go to complete my H50 rewatch 🙂


    1. Oh, yes, thanks for reminding me of your quotes!! I will need some later. I’ll be actually posting some more Mary this week, since I like her a lot and miss her, too 😉


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