H50h 1.05 Animated (Mostly)

In the beginning, there was McRoll in bed. In the end, there was McRoll on the beach. I can neither confirm nor deny that there was anything in between. Sorry. I was distracted.

A Vibrating Beginning

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Michelle Borth has the best job in the world. As a person who gets to cuddle with half-nekkid Alex O’Loughlin and gets paid for it, she will never not be my hero 😎 .

Barry White in a Bar

Danno is in the process of solving the case of McG’s mysterious smile. The detective that he is, he discovers that last night, McG removed a female fellow-officer’s pants to the accompaniment of Barry White 😛 .

Mr and Ms Pac-Man

Steve leaves Danno alone with surveillance equipment and is off to a game of a$$mashing. Danno’s ooohh-face means either that he disapproves of a$$mashing or that he just got a game over in Ms Pac-Man 😯 .

Remote Control Issues

Control issues are clearly hereditary in the McGarrett family. That’s why McBro launches himself at perps’ heads to get them under control while McSis beats the cr@p out of remote controls on the regular 😡 .

A Happy Ending

The cameraperson has issues. Moving the camera from a couple kissing to the sun setting is about as exciting as old überpolite movies showing a couple kissing and then a hand switching off the bedside table lamp 🙄 .


26 thoughts on “H50h 1.05 Animated (Mostly)

  1. This is actually one of my favourite episodes of Season 1. Loved the guys in the bar, Danny trying to figure out if McGarrett had a pulse or not! And then figures it out. It was a great episode! 🙂


    1. S1 was sooo much fun!! I couldn’t possibly choose my fave S1 epi… But the bar scene is great for sure, McG being secretive but giggling like he’s 12 and Danno not even thinking of the most obvious explanation at first 😆 … These two together amuse me!


  2. I just love to see Steve and Cath together and that scene “I think I’m vibrating” was too funny specially when he lost his smug look as soon as he saw the cell phone.in her hand.


    1. “I think I’m vibrating” is a classic! McG thinks of his s€xing skills apparently as highly as we do, when he believes it’s him who makes Cat vibrate 😛 .


  3. I JUST watched this episode a couple of days ago. It’s one of my favs from S1 too. How can it not be?!! There were so many wonderful moments…. and none of them had anything to do with the plot. First there was that GLORIOUS STRETCH ….and then the little “Good Morning Lieutenant”…”Good Morning Commander” conversation. BTW…he could command me anytime …#justsayin
    Then there was the little meet and greet between Cath and Mary…LOVE their exchange.
    “Sooo, big night last night”….”hmmm”…”Old house, thin walls”….”OH GOD”…”Yeah, you said that A.LOT”…then LOVE that the next thing they showed is McG strutting into 5-O headquarters. That was SO.HOT…it gave my panties a little tingle…what was left of them anyway…after that STRETCH!
    Of course, LOVE that entire bar scene..especially Danny noticing the two ladies (a.k.a. smart broads) “eye-humping” Steve.
    And then finally, the beach scene…OMG…Steve barefoot AND wearing jeans…SO.SEXY!!!!
    BTW…I hate my steak “bloody”…I’m a “well-done” kind of girl…but for him…I’d chew the flesh right off the cow!!
    Oh..and one more thing…I adore Michelle Borth so I say this as a term of endearment and with all the respect in the world….LUCKY.B*TCH!!!!!!!!!


    1. Glad you like the epi! But, but you say there was PLOT?? I think “plot” is naughty and should be spelled “pl/t” 😳 …

      There were some excellent dialogues here, it keeps me laughing like a hyena even as I rewatch it for the umpteenth time. The Mary/Cat exchange and McG/Danno in the bar – I’m pretty sure I’ll transcribe their lines in a later post. So funny 😆 !

      S/x on the beach, I mean, Steve on the beach – unfff… I like my steak medium but I can’t see how this is relevant, since steak would be the last thing on my mind in the proximity of Steve. Of course, the image of a FUCUP chewing the flesh right off the cow is hilarious 😀 !

      A lucky b!tch, right, these were the very words that kept on occurring to me when writing captions for the McRoll scenes, but I didn’t want to be envious :mrgreen: . Obvi, said with respect and love 🙂 . And, McRoll FTW!


  4. Wow, the kissing at the beginning and the rolling over at the end! Wow, wow, wow!
    I’ll go with CG she said all I would have (if I was better with the English language!) 😆 Just have to add, Steve in the end with the governor, wow *AGAIN* his facial expression, I must have rewinded it “athousandtimes” and the kick-ass-smashing with the metall ;-), autsch !


    1. Yeah, CG said it for all of us 😀 !! The last scene with the governor was nice in showing Steve concerned and about to comfort the poor woman. I need some comforting, too!

      Anyway. I put in the scene of McG beating the guy with the metal stick only because of Danny’s ouch-faaaaaace, which made me LOL 😆 …


  5. I never get tired of watching Steve launching himself at the bad-guys 😉 !(The same goes for entering a room with big-guns and full holster-gear 😉 )!


  6. BTW…I hate my steak “bloody”…I’m a “well-done” kind of girl…but for him…I’d chew the flesh right off the cow!!

    I would so do the same … LOL.
    McRoll FTW.


    1. That’s one of the best quotes ever, I feel the same 😉 ! A cow will never have the same meaning to me!


  7. Him grabbing her neck and getting on top of her, it makes my legs weak and I’m beginning to faint! Can somebody possibly be so hot 😉 ?


  8. While I loved the flirtier, more settled McRoll this season, I miss the hot and heavy McRoll too. I hope they remedy that in S4!

    Steve launching himself at the baddies is always a win!! Great post babe!


    1. Settled or unsettled, I’ll take anything, as long as it’s fun 😀 . Steve eliminating a baddie by a big leap is obvi as much of a staple as book ’em Danno – and the silly guys keep on running away from him! I never would, I’m a clever girl 😛 … Also, thanks!


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