A Quickie with H50h 1.04 Bemused Steve

Steve muses: “She loves me, she loves me not…” *plucking petals off a daisy* 

I muse: “He loves me, he loves me not…” *plucking keys off the keyboard*

16 thoughts on “A Quickie with H50h 1.04 Bemused Steve

    1. Love is in the air… ❤ … I have troubles conjuring visions even of McG asking the flower for anything, but McG shooting the poor flower 😆 !! Of course, for the record, there's nothing a flower or a woman wouldn't give him.


  1. LOL as much as I love Steve´s face, your plucking petals smiley put a smile on my face (that´s why they are there for, right 🙂 ) but then your caption of you plucking the keys off your keyboard cracked me up 😀


    1. Glad that you approve! I nearly actually broke my keyboard when I discovered this particular smiley – I was laughing so hard at it, for no apparent reason, silly me….

      BTW, it’s your doing – I noticed you’re using some unique smileys on your page, so I tracked them to their source and simply used the web you appear to be using yourself. So thank you 😀 !


      1. I love those tiny smilies 😀 Also the whip lady is a favorite and some kittens. Then found out some have animal smiley hidden on their photobucket albums. So many treasures undiscovered still 🙂
        Ps you can´t have a bday post without smilies 😉


        1. Paula?! You’re awake at this hour? Well, whatever, me too. The KITTENS!! They are epic and it just occurred to me that a cat-smiley could be smuggled in a post on Cat(h). The whip cracking lady always cracks me up, I’ll need to use her when mentioning the S.x Boot Camp 😛 . Ha. So many ideas and so little time 😦


          1. Get paid? Good on you. I have no excuse, except maybe concussion, which I may have got as I was banging my head on my laptop all night long and trying to convince the b@stard that I indeed expect to use it as a photo/video editing station. We’re both recovering now…


          2. LOL, I may be getting one of those moments soon since today was the 2nd time my laptop informed me it couldn´t be started. I finally unplugged since the recovery didn´t work the last time either. Got it back up…but who knows for how long…


          3. Poor dear, you 😦 Alex is hard on our hard drives. No innuendo intended. My laptop says hello to your laptop. Let’s hope we’ll all remain fully functional 🙂


  2. For once the smiley is the WINNER! So cute!
    I can’t imagine Steve with a flower and counting 😉 he’s not really the patience-kinda-guy, is he? Rather the go-and-launch-at-it-kinda-guy 😆 mmmh, I love that “launching”, Launching, LAUNCHING!


    1. Glad you like the smiley, too 🙂 !! I just love this smiley’s exasperated expression. Very much like my own expression when I was trying to make the freakin smiley work here 😮 .

      No, Steve would probably never play with a flower. But I’m not much of a flower girl either, so instead, he can play with me anytime 😀 . Launching optional 😛 .


        1. 😆 Yep, credit for plucking a flower for Cat (would be fined for it in where I live, but I guess that makes it the more romantic 😉 ). Sadly, Steve’s doily is wasted on me – I had no clue what that means until this very moment when I checked (either I’m dumb or I’m a non-native speaker or both). So I might prefer Steve as Wo Fat does, along the lines of “Not speaking is the flower.” 😛


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